Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop in New Zealand is where artists and crafters have made everything from the Lord of the Rings creatures and armor, to King Kong's dinosaurs. We're visiting Wellington, and took a tour.

Every visitor gets a chance to take a peek into the Weta Cave, which is packed with memorabilia from the many films whose props and creatures came to life in the Workshop. We have tons of pictures from there, as well as a haunting series of images of the full-size boat set from King Kong, which has been rusting away majestically at a nearby dock.


Though we couldn't take any pictures in the Weta Workshop proper, we did catch some tantalizing glimpses of cool stuff being created by humans - and by a bunch of 3D printers. We also got some amazing snaps of the trophy case in the Workshop conference room, packed with a bunch of monsters and armor. Oh, and a few golden men.

Look out for more Weta goodness tomorrow - we got an exclusive interview with Greg Broadmore, creator of the Dr. Grordbort's universe, as well as some very personal time with his ray guns.

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