It's spoof-a-Hollywood-blockbuster time over at Cult Movie Worship... plus we've got in-depth character interviews from Alien Trespass and a movie about giant man-eating rats.

Rat Scratch Fever (a homage to Bert I. Gordon's 70s flick The Food Of The Gods, based on the H.G. Wells novel) has new stills and a trailer that we've never seen before. This ultra-campy low budget film follows a group of rats that come to Earth from another planet and take over. For more pics, check out Robert Hood's site, and thanks to Twitch for pointing out this beauty.

Rat Scratch Fever Trailer:

So the campy Alien Trespass flick is going the way of fake mockumentary for promotion? Fine, let's just kick it up a notch...If we're going to pretend that Robert Patrick's past relative made Alien Trespass, then he at least needs to explain that, no this wasn't the ancestor that was really a robot sent back in time to kill John Connor.

Alien Trespass Documentary: Meet The Person

Isn't is a bit early to be stealing from the Terminator, Asylum? Here's the plot:
A small band of resistance fighters battle the cyborgs that have taken control of the planet... Nooooo. That in no way sounds like a total rip off of the Terminator franchise. And did you really think people would get confused? The street date for this direct-to-DVD poor copy is April 28, 2009.


And finally here's a little indie picked up by Quiet Earth about a girl who calls her past self on her cell phone, in hopes of preventing her mother's death in the future. I don't know sounds a lot like that terrible Dennis Quaid movie, but hopefully Cryptic will have a twist.

Cryptic Trailer:
Cryptic trailer