Good Day kids. I've got a couple weeks of disasters for ya. I'm too lazy to link all the original articles so an "i09 No Prize" for whoever does.

Holy Milkable Cow Nite Owl!!! (Yes I know it's really supposed to be Blue Beetle, but shut your face.) Not content with rudely giving a literary device from the source its own animated feature they are also showing a further lack of respect with a book that pours over the techniques used in the film as well as more history of the characters (which does seem unusually thorough in its relating its characters to real life people a'la Comedian and Kennedy)...

as well as a book of portraits of the actors and set photography from photographer Clay Enos, who's previous effort was an amazing look at the later years of another Sci-Fi icon.


CJA mistakenly labeled a photo as being an on set photo for the classic "Destination Moon", however I discovered it was actually a recently declassified image from one of the later Top Secret Gemini missions.


Annalee discovered prototypes for new methods of "keeping cats warm in space" which look just right to me.

Since it's clearly going to tank (see Disaster below), Whedon has the wheels turning on his next project which seems to be an iron clad money maker.

Now that San Diego has turned into the Sundance of the comic world the wolves are searching for the next "real" venue to pimp their wares. So they have set their sights on the New York Comic Con. It's just like San Diego, but instead of drunkely walking through the Gaslight District from a parking spot, I imagine that there is a whole army of Predators, Halo Spartans, and Joker Nurses riding the subway intimidating small children until the children notice a laminate hanging from their neck on a DC Comics Lanyard. io9 had very thorough coverage of the event with many scoops and spoilers, but I like to shoot fish in a barrel, so thank you cosplayers. My apologies to the models. And oddly enough there is a theme here which was unintended, but chalk it up to Valentimes Day.

A very important PSA.

2 Good 2B4gotten

I'm sure I'll catch hell for this one from the Browncoats.

Well normally I use my prescient abilities to warn you of future science fictional pit-falls, but after Dollhouse's Friday premier I can only think one thing. Hey Tree, let them know what it is...

Later Friends.