Miss New York Comic Con? Don't worry, we were there and yelling at people for false advertising. This week, Peter Bishop set us straight, Jin talked island semantics and we dug through some space trash.

Joshua Jackson Kills Our Peter-Olivia Love Theory
Perhaps we've been projecting our love for Joshua Jackson onto the characters Olivia and Peter from Fringe a bit too much. At a NYCC roundtable, Joshua Jackson set us straight about love and X-Files.

A Giant Robot That Kills Trees More Efficiently
Check out this scary video of a Terminator-esque "harvester" machine that cuts a tree down, shaves its branches and bark off, and then spits it out in perfect, standard log lengths

Jin Explains To io9 Why We Haven't Seen The Last Of Him
We got in the chapped face of the wonderful Daniel Dae Kim who plays beloved castaway Jin on Lost. Kim answered all of our burning questions on this season's Lost, Spoilers!

Joss Whedon's Dolls will Resolve Your Bi-Curious Feelings
The mind-wiped Dolls of Joss Whedon's new series Dollhouse will crack safes, attend high school reunions, and fulfill every sexual fantasy. And, as Whedon revealed today, they may also help clients experiment with their sexuality.

Guess Who's Coming Back To Chuck?
Yet another not-so-friendly face is coming back into Chuck's life. Creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fredak sat down with us, and the lovely Yvonne Strahovski, to give spoilery details about Chuck's future. Spoilers ahead.

Yatterman Is Live-Action Anime Done Brashly And Brilliantly
The new movie from maverick director Takashi Miike is a candy-colored confection with wickedly funny twists, non-stop action and tongue planted firmly in cheek. Did I mention the tit-shaped cannons?

The Garbage that Smashed to Earth from Space
Here lies the wreckage of the Genesis spacecraft in the Utah desert. It's just one of many space vehicles that have returned planetside in speeding balls of screaming fire.

UClick for iPhone Will Make Comic Books Obsolete
It's a bit of a stretch to say UClick wants to kill paper comic books, but after taking an in-depth look at their iPhone app, they might actually accomplish that.

Angels and Aliens Meet on Your February Bookshelf
Aliens are reading email, Godzilla is still shooting fire, and angels live in floating cities - and that's just the beginning of what you'll find out this month when you visit your favorite bookstore.

A Beautiful Portrait Of Rorschach's Biggest Fan
Cigar-chomping Danny Woodburn as Big Figure stars in an exclusive up-close-and-personal portrait, from Clay Enos' Watchmen Portraits book. It's so good, if we were vigilante Walter Kovacs, we'd hang it on our wall.

Dollhouse Is Stretching Eliza Dushku's Acting Ability
Eliza Dushku is having the time of her lives, playing Echo, the woman with a million programmable personalities. She talked to reporters about Dollhouse, and we asked her about Joss Whedon's five-year plan. Spoilers!