Cigar-chomping Danny Woodburn as Big Figure stars in an exclusive up-close-and-personal portrait, from Clay Enos' Watchmen Portraits book. It's so good, if we were vigilante Walter Kovacs, we'd hang it on our wall.

Enos was the on set photographer for Zack Snyder's Watchmen. Not only did Enos create all of the gorgeous old timey newspaper photos and the infamous Minutemen shot, he also created the beautiful book Watchmen Portraits, in stores today. The entire book is a collection of striking portraits, plus a few detail shots of some fantastic props. We're salivating over the Veidt sneakers. The collection illustrates extreme lengths the crew went to capture each detail, Big Figure even has the fancy neck scarf.

We got an exclusive look at Big Figure, Rorschach's old enemy that Walter Kovacs comes face to face with - and let's just say it doesn't really end well for one of them. It should be interesting to see how Snyder recreates that brutal scene.


Here are a few shots from the book, and as you can see each picture is a beauty on it's own.

We headed out to NYC's Forbidden Planet to chat up with the artist himself, and he flipped through the book and gave us a few details on what happened behind the scenes.


Also if you can't get enough of the of so lovely Watchmen Portraits book, slashfilm pointed out another interesting tidbit, director Zack Snyder actually donned army fatigues and pops up in the background for one of the Vietnam War scenes. Watchmen Portraits is available in stores today.

Watchmen is in theaters and IMAX on March 6, 2009 and for more on Watchmen Portraits check out Clay Enos' site.