Kiss your Friday nights out goodbye. A concentration of genre awesomeness is hitting Fridays, including the premiere of Joss Whedon's sexy Dollhouse, new BSG and Sarah Connor. Clips for all those shows below.


No new Chuck this week.

Kyle XY -
Kyle gets in a car accident, and Mama Trager's in bad shape. Will Kyle make a deal with the devil to save her? Kyle XY is on ABC Family at 9 PM.

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip (lady calls Kyle 'dumb little bunny' hence forth we Matt Dallas will forever more be known as such)

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Promo

Heroes -
Matt's gone missing, and his super fast blonde hottie is feeling feelings about it. Sylar meets a new friend (Dan Byrd) who helps him find his papa. But honestly I wish they would just keep the focus on Biker Ando and Matt, because they're just about the only characters I care about, and I don't want to see them go the way of Elle. Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM.

Heroes Clip

Heroes Promo


Fringe -
Escaped convict and over all creep, David Robert Jones, is back and bothering Olivia again — which will only end in her shooting him, I'm sure. But enough about the please-god-please-show-some-emotion Olivia: people's faces are getting filled in with excess skin, check it out below. Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM.

Fringe Promo


Knight Rider-

It's up to our hunky man-hero and his smart car to find a kid who is a federal witness against a drug dealer. Fingers crossed that the kid has a terrible Southern accent, a bad attitude and knows where "the body" is. "Fly By Knight" is on NBC at 8 PM.

Knight Rider Promo

Lost -
Locke takes matters into his own hands again, which usually means somebody is going to die. "This Place Is Death" picks up right where the last one left off, wherever, or whenever the hell that was. It's on ABC at 9 PM. Time to place bets on how long until Charlotte kicks it.

Lost Promo

UFO Hunters -
This week, the alien experts figure out what the hell was behind Chicago O'Hare International Airport's encounter with a mysterious disk in the sky. UFO Hunters is on the History Channel at 10 PM.

Life On Mars -
Sam gets to hang with a 70s rock star who needs his protection. Let the free love, drugs and groupie gags roll, man. LOM is on ABC at 10 PM.


See the real 20,00 Leagues Under The Sea (the 1954 classic) before Will Smith ruins it with a prequel, on TCM at 9:30 PM.


No new Smallville.

No new Supernatural.

Eleventh Hour -
Hood follows the stem cell trail back to his Nemesis Gepetto's (Kate Burton) door to uncover her cloning cover-up in the episode aptly titled "Pinocchio," on CBS at 10 PM.


A scientist teaches a dolphin how to speak, and then has to prevent it from being used in an assassination plot. Yes, I'm in love with this movie. The Day Of The Dolphin is on 3:45 on TCM.


There's an all day BSG marathon running on the Sci Fi Channel from 8 AM until 3 PM.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -
The start of Fox's new Friday night bloc of awesomeness (we'll come up with a better name, we promise). Kyle Reese is back — sort of — and he's got a lot to say. TSCC is on Fox at 8 PM.

Producer Josh Friedman hosts a clip from the new episode:

TSCC Promo:

TSCC Promo:

Batman: The Brave And The Bold -
Bronze Tiger and B-man team up, on the Cartoon Network at 8 PM.


Star Wars: Clone Wars -
Jar Jar and Padmé team up to annoy the piss out of, well, everyone who ever treasured this franchise. The two uncover a bio-weapons lab, and well... an idiot character stumbling around glass test tubes filled with deadly viruses — you do the math. "Blue Shadow Virus" is on the Cartoon Network at 9 PM.

Dollhouse -
It is time. Joss Whedon's awesome brain emenations are back on TV, and we cannot wait to see this world he has built for Eliza Dushku and friends. Follow a group of mind-wiped "dolls" who are programmed and rented out for just about anything from murders, to hottie dates for high-school reunions. Dollhouse premieres on Fox at 9 PM.

Dollhouse Clip:

Dollhouse Clip:

Battlestar Galactica -
Can BSG top last weeks justice-meting episode? My guess is yes, because in this episode Ellen wakes up — and I bet she's pissed at her husband for killing her off months ago. BSG is on the Sci Fi Channel at 10 PM.

BSG Clip (U.S. only, sorry):

BSG Promo:

BSG Promo:


Get to know the original blood drinker before he was all leather, lace and Hot Topic fodder, with a Dracula screening on AMC at 1 AM.


And if you're going to talk classics then you must check out the snowy parasite alien creature that slaughters an isolated research team, in John Carpenter's The Thing on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 PM.


When your soul is kept in a painting, and you decide to live a life a dangerous and terrible life, how long until you peek at the picture and check out what kind of monster you've become? Or would you care? The Picture Of Dorian Gray is on TCM at 8 PM.


Before he was Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds spent his days pissing off Wesley Snipes, aka the day-walker in Blade Trinity at 11:30 AM on TNT.