Comics' last panel of New York Comic Con offered a look ahead to some more of their upcoming projects, which included revealing secrets, alien invasions and SNL cast members writing Spider-Man.

Celebrating the publisher's 70th anniversary (Marvel has always been very elastic about their age; in 1986, they celebrated their 25th anniversary), Captain America killers Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting are working on a new series called The Marvels Project for a June release, which promises to reveal the "true origins" of Marvel's earliest heroes.

One of the publisher's newest characters - Skaar, Son of Hulk - will get a chance to discover his own true origin this summer, when creator Greg Pak brings the character to Earth for Planet Skaar, a sequel to his earlier Hulk stories, Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. Will Skaar get to meet his dad? Pak wouldn't give a definitive answer, but he did tell fans to "keep your eyes open and your wallets open." Planet Skaar begins in May.

The final big announcement of the con for the publisher was Spider-Man: The Short Halloween, a oneshot written by Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers and Bill Hader and drawn by Justice League International's Kevin Maguire about a case of mistaken identities between a fake Spider-Man confronted by bad guys and the real Spidey hanging out with the impostor's friends on Hallowe'en. Don't be too surprised to see SNL injokes in the background, according to the creators, although Hader does admit it'd be "weird" to see his fellow cast members in the comic. Well, not if they're the previously unknown bastard children of the Hulk... That kind of thing seems to be happening more often than you'd think, really...