Summit Entertainment screened its first scene from the upcoming Astroboy movie, giving us our first look at the hero robot in flight. And concept art promised butt cannons, rocket boots, and a menacing Peacekeeper.

Summit displayed the first images of Astroboy concept art to the press. The more playful shots of Astroboy himself showed off his arm cannons — their design somewhat updated from the orginal — more traditional rocket boots, and Astroboy's ever-popular butt cannons, which we're assured make an appearance in the films. We also got a gorgeous vector art image of the floating Metro City, with a Fuji-shaped mountain rising from its urban heights — an homage to the franchise's Japanese origins.

We also saw two images of the fearsome Peacekeeper, demonstrating the adaptive technology that allows him to integrate the weapons of others into his own arsenal. A picture of a relatively smaller Peacekeeper was followed up with one of him sporting giant spines as he glows with Red Core technology.


In the first clip from the film, we see the neophyte Astroboy screaming as he falls amidst skyscrapers from an amazing height. Just as he covers his eyes, he suddenly stops falling as his rocket boots kick in for the first time ever. He tentatively opens his eyes and, shocked to see the flames pouring from his feet, slaps himself.

The rest of the clip is a beautifully animated sequence of Astroboy figuring out how to use his new-found flying power. First he bumbles and crashes into buildings, gets caught on film by a speed cam, but soon he is soaring, happily twirling through the sky (and, in a particularly humorous moment, burns a restaurant patron's steak just as the man is complaining it's not well done). As he gains confidence, he eventually glides high above the clouds, his face full of delight and wonder. And then, as if to test the limits of his abilities, flies back toward Metro City and tunnels straight into the giant mountain, then turns up, bursting through the top like a volcanic explosion.


As the disturbed snow floats back down around him, he says, breathlessly, "This is so cool! I've got to tell Dad!"

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