This new Euro Bramble figurine, the second robot from Ashley Wood and Jon Gibson's World War Robot, is a thing of militaristic beauty. Click through for a few more Bramble pics.

We interviewed Gibson about World War Robot a while back, and he described the IDW graphic novel thusly:

A dwindling band of humans and robots battle it out in what`ll probably end humanity as we know it - on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. Badass battles, really intense human/robot drama, plus it gets kinda political. And we`re attempting a little experiment with a different kind of humor. This war is the tail end of the worst things imaginable - epic catastrophes. So the comic is also dosed with a bit of "desperation comedy". Like laughing while you`re crying.

The bleakness and weird humor definitely come through in the tie-in figures. The Bramble toy costs a cool $250, but it'll probably incinerate anyone who criticizes your messy-ass desk.

Images from Toybot Studios. [Bambaland] Thanks Metaphorge!