A French magazine printed tons of new Wolverine pics, and confirmed a shocking mutant costar. Plus there are new Astro Boy and Clone Wars pics, and Push/Heroes clips. And super-minor Doctor Who season five spoilers.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

French magazine Climax had a cover story about this movie, and true to their name, they celebrated with tons of pics of Wolvie having an orgasm. (I think they're all new, except maybe the one of him standing. Way more pics in the print magazine.) My French is super rusty — hard to believe I used to read Sartre in the original French — but here's what I could glean.





There will be tons of angst and darkness. Actually, this quote from director Gavin Hood sounds very Sartrean in French: "Wolverine m'attire car il est en conflit avec lui-mĂŞme et sa vraie nature. Il souffre d'un rage existentielle hors du commun." (Wolverine appeals to me becuase he's in conflict with himself and his true nature, and he suffers an existential rage.)

There's a roundup of the movie's mutants: Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber), Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), William Stryker (Danny Huston), Beak (Dominic Monaghan), Kestrel (Will.I.Am), Silver Fox (Lynn Collins), Blob (Kevin Durand), Scott Summers (Tim Pocock), Agent Zero (Daniel Henney), Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Emma Frost (Tahnya Tozzi). As far as I can tell, it's just summarizing who these people are in the comics. Note: I'd heard reports that Scott Summers was in this film, but is this the first official confirmation? [SpoilerTV]


The Book Of Eli:

Some more casting news about this post-apocalyptic samurai movie starring Denzel Washington as the guy who has the book everybody wants. Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon has signed on to play one half of a couple who hold onto old traditions in spite of the whole "post-apocalyptic" thing. [Reuters]

Astro Boy:

Two new images from the CG animated movie, tying in with its promotional appearances at New York Comic Con. Bigger images at the link. [AICN via Slashfilm]



Here's a new clip from this awesome psychic smackdown movie:


Doctor Who:

Call this an incredibly minor spoiler. New Doctor Matt Smith says he's read a couple of scripts from season five, written by Steven Moffat, and "they rocket along." He also says they're "inventive and witty." (So the spoiler is that the scripts aren't slow moving and unoriginal, I guess.) Also, Smith says he wouldn't mind having his costume look a bit like 1970s star Tom Baker's. [BBC]


Another development in the "blonde women want to leave the show" rumor-fest. Hayden Panettiere came out and denied that she wanted to do a cheerleadery backflip away from the series. Or rather, she said she doesn't know anything about those rumors, which is almost the same thing. Almost. [MSNBC]


Here's a sneak peek from Monday's episode, "Trust And Blood." [HeroesTheSeries]

And here's our first peek at Smallville's John Glover as Sylar's dad. [Heroes Spoilers]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Friday night's episode, "The Hidden Enemy," sounds like it may be one to catch, since it sets up an intriguing plot development for future installments. Cody and Rex discover that one of their fellow clones is leaking information to the enemy, and they have to uncover the traitor before he thwarts the Republic's efforts to liberate Christophsis from a Separatist siege. Says director Steward Lee,

The clone's logic is understandable... He no longer wants to be just a slave to the Jedi, and wants to try and break that infrastructure. He thinks he's doing the right thing for all the clones and that the sacrifice is worth it.


Adds writer Drew Greenberg (Buffy, Dexter, Firefly):

Even the guy who turns out to be the bad guy makes the case that he was doing it for his brothers. This is about what it means to be a clone and what it means to be part of that brotherhood." And Lee says the Clone's rejection of the task he was bred for "creates an interesting beginning of something to come.



Eleventh Hour:

Plot descriptions for the Feb. 19 and Feb. 26 episodes:

1x14, "Minimata": A healthy helicopter pilot who flies for a local TV station goes blind during a live traffic report, which results in a deadly crash.
1x15, "Electro": "Thirty people are struck by lightning during a 10-minute thunderstorm."



Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.