Emily Yoshida became addicted to Star Trek: The Next Generation at age four, and now she's making her own science fiction films. Yoshida's 12-minute virtual-reality film Abigail, premiering this weekend, pays homage to Blade Runner.

The film appears as part of the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, appearing Saturday at the Cinerama Theater in downtown Seattle. It's set 30 years in the future, and follows a girl named Abigail (Juliet Bradford) and her friend Sam, who go to a party where reality mixes with the virtual world and you can't tell which is which. And then Abigail vanishes and Sam is left searching for her. It's a future where "the culture has become so saturated with communication that people start to lose their actual physical presence," says Yoshida.

Commenter ZaharDavidson points out the trailer is on YouTube:

Blade Runner is Yoshida's favorite movie, and she paid homage to it with Abigail, her thesis project at UCLA. She tried to channel a noir-ish Ridley Scott futurism in her film, she tells the News Tribune, including filming one scene in the second-street tunnel where Scott filmed some of his movie. She's working on a feature-length script now — let's hope we're hearing about her again soon. [News Tribune]