Johnny Rico himself wants to stamp out child abuse, and while we applaud him for his honest effort, but it's a bit strange to see Casper Van Dien doing anything apart from killing bugs.

Hey, we've all seen our fair share of batty as hell scifi PSAs. Let's not forget the Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA, let alone all the things we learned about dangerous empty refrigerators from G.I. Joe (because knowing is half the battle). While we are all for actors using their press for a good cause, and raising awareness about child abuse, pairing PSAs and Starship Troopers is, well strange. Check out these ads the Johnny Rico did for Child Help.

Here is the even stranger Power Suits head in the clouds PSA.


But honestly if Rico wants me to start killing some abusers, I'll fall in line because I always have been and always will be a Roughneck... (A member of Rico's Roughnecks). So let's support him in his plight against bugs and child abusers, and go to Child Help. And tell him, if he really wants us to listen, throw in a drunk alien.