The splodey Transformer trailer smashed all our minds (and Optimus Primes' face as well). But wait, there's more than just robot carnage. We broke down each still for all the secret goodness.

KABOOM. Okay, call me crazy - but Pearl Harbor much?

SHHIAAAAAA! He's back, and look at that adorable close-up! Eat it, Edward vampire boy, this is the real action hero that you can't get rid of.

So's that "other dude."

Hello, Ravage (at least, awesome robot that I believe is Ravage). You look like a robo-jungle cat creature to me, so I assume this is the Bay revision of Ravage. And if you couldn't tell by the rows of sharp pointy teeth, homebot is evil.

Hello dancing Transformer in the back, who do you think this is? Please tell me! Actually when you watch the video it looks like there are two of them and they look much smaller than the evil Audi R8 Decepticon.

"If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it." I smell engagement, to someone who knows if it's Sam or not, my guess is no. But then she'll leave the ring somewhere in a supremely dramatic fashion. Oh, and just because it's not a diamond doesn't mean it's not an engagement ring. Maybe it's made out of a dead piece of Jazz.

Good to see the Decepticons up and running again. I believe that this is the Audi R8 Decepticon, which many have accused of being Barricade. UPDATE: TFW2005 (the experts in Transformers) have also cast a vote that this may be Starscream....awesome

Oooh, hot torture-porn for Shia. Please rough him up a lot.

Who is this character? The new boy toy for Megan? Surely not.

Optimus Prime gets jacked in the face. His windshield is all busted and so is his face. Poor thing, it looks like he is taking a real beating from what seems to be the Devastator. Check out a better picture below of the massive size of this thing. UPDATE: there's been a lot of nerd talk about this and the fine fellas over at slashfilm and the folks at TFW2005 seem think it's a group of Constructicons that becomes Devastator. I'm in agreement.

The Devastator ladies and gentlemen. Holy hell, it makes Optimus look like a bitty baby bot. This movie is going to blow up the world.