Now that Heroes is back, it's Ando's time to shine, while Parkman becomes a fortune telling artist. Meanwhile, Chuck gets a hobbit, and we see who survived (if anyone) on BSG.


Chuck -
Get a face full of spy gadgets and retail nerd action, in this weeks all-3D Chuck. Dominic Monaghan stars as a tiny rocker who is in danger. So it's up to Chuck to babysit the little Hobbit. Chuck is on NBC at 8 PM

Chuck Clip

Heroes -
Heroes is back, and giving Ando a bigger role. Hiro promises to make Ando a superhero, while all the other Heroes side plots return home. Until Nathan and Sylar start to stir shit up , again. Someone needs to teleport Sylar into space or something. Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM.

Heroes Clip

Heroes Promo

Kyle XY -
Kyle is depressed over his break-up with Amanda, so you know what that means...boys night out! Here's hoping the belly buttonless Kyle gets a pity frak. The next episode is on ABC Family at 9 PM.

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip

DRUNK Kyle XY Clip


Get pumped up for Eliza Dushku's triumphant return! There's a Tru Calling marathon on the Sci Fi Channel from 8 AM until 3 PM.


The Universe -
Travel to the end of space or at least attempt with The Universe on the History Channel at 8 PM.

Fringe -
What's with Fringe and planes? This week there's another evil virus that attacks yet another mode of transportation. And Olivia and Peter get to be super secret spies! Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM.

Fringe Promo


Knight Rider -
This week on the show with a thousand excuses to take off the main character's shirt, Mike helps an old Army buddy try and find out what happened at their old drill sergeant's secret fight club, on NBC at at 8 PM. First rule of Knight Rider Fight Club is...


Lost -
It's an Aaron-centric Lost story. Someone knows who his real parents are, and for god sakes, will someone clear up at least one myth surrounding this little tyke. "The Little Prince" is on ABC at 9 PM.

Lost Clip

Lost Promo

Life On Mars -
Sam is working a decapitation case, which reads like a terrible mystery novel. Hopefully Sam will have to save himself from danger by rapping like Vanilla Ice once again. LOM is on 10 PM at ABC.

UFO Hunters -
Mile wide UFOs! UFO Hunters are doing a special on the biggest UFOs ever unidentified in the sky on the History Channel at 10 PM.


Smallville -
Oliver is injured, again. Chloe tries to uncover the secret behind LuthorCorp's evil dealings, again. And Clark wants to be with Lana but they can't for some reason or another, again. Smallville is on the CW at 8 PM.

Smallville Promo

Supernatural -
It's sexy lady time over, on the spooky bromance show. The brothers are charged with finding a modern Siren, so it's time to hit the strip clubs. Supernatural is on the CW at 9 PM.

Supernatural Clip

Eleventh Hour -
Hood's evil nemesis Gepetto (Kate Burton) is stealing stem cells. Activate Hood's crazy eyebrow attack system! Eleventh Hour is on CBS at 10 PM.

There's a Joan of Arcadia marathon on the Sci Fi Channel from 8 until 3 PM.


Batman: The Brave And The Bold -
Despero wants to wipe out the space cops and turn the Green Lanterns' planet into a weapon. The latest episode of Batman The Brave and the Bold is on Cartoon Network at 8 PM.


Star Wars: Clone Wars -
Obi-Wan smells a rat in his team, and it's up to him and Anakin to smoke out the baddie. Clone Wars i son the Cartoon Network at 9 PM.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Promo

Battlestar Galactica -
Adama's woman is piiiiiisssssssed. Will Gaeta have the stones to actually airlock the old man for his "crimes"? Tune into the Sci Fi Channel, where there's a full scale mutiny on board Galactica at 10 PM.

BSG Promo

BSG Promo



Have a craving for hot women in tiny outfits with zero plot? Then Ultraviolet is the movie for you, on TNT at 1 PM.

Like Jumanji, but in space, Zathura is on TBS at 1:45 AM.



It's a bug movie marathon on the Sci Fi Channel Sunday, starting with Larva at 9 AM, The Hive at 11 AM, Caved In at 1 PM, Black Swarm at 7 PM, Locusts at 9 PM and Locusts 2 at 11 PM.