Well it's Superbowl Sunday, and the only thing remotely scifi may be the ads. So it's my second week in and I'm already doing a themed post. All ads, all for you.

I don't know why people are excited for this. Car Dealers, no matter how hot their woman may be, are shady all over the universe.


Lost continues to give the viewers what it wants. Especially the dames.

No explanation needed I say.


What Superbowl is complete without a creepy fake mouth talking baby!?


We learned this week that John Stevenson, one of the directors on Kung-Fu Panda is handling the new He-Man reboot. I managed to steal an early teaser poster which shows some pretty predictable casting decisions from the man.


On a random note, commenter Brogan misread a comment of mine referring to Klingon Camp, and wanted to see a "camp" Klingon. I found this old Klingon TV Guide Ad that proves they existed and they were fab.

And finally...Nicholas Cage, Albino Cult, Coded Fortune Telling, The Director of iRobot? I am knowing one thing about this film.

This is Garrison Dean (who if he had a Facebook profile would set his status to: Garrison Dean is super excited to see the Transformers trailer during the superbowl) signing off. See you next Sunday.