Get caught up uncovering Elvis' alien roots? Don't worry, we got the best of the week right here. This week we talk to Alex Proyas, and uncover the truth about Megan Fox and space Romans.

5 Shows That We're Outing As SciFi
Instead of focusing on the potential dearth of new shows to offer us sci-fi thrills, we're turning our attention to the shows that don't call themselves sci-fi, but kinda are. Here're some of our favorites.

Doctor Who's New Vehicle Has Already Crashed
We're eagerly awaiting the Easter episode of Doctor Who — Michelle Ryan and all — but now we're hearing the show has run into a major snag, and may not air at Easter. Possible spoilers...

The Truth About Megan Fox As The Next Lara Croft
Rumors have circulated all day that Megan Fox would be replacing Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider action flick. We went straight to the top to find the answer.

Welcome To Planet Rome: 12 Extraterrestrial Roman Empires
It's been two millennia since the Roman Empire held sway, but it's thriving on a dozen fictional planets. Somehow, aliens love to imitate the glory that was Rome. Here are the greatest interplanetary toga parties.

The Biggest Sexology Breakthroughs of the Past 130 Years
Sexology, or the study of human sexuality, is a science at the nexus of biology, neurology, psychology and sociology. And like any science, sexology has its eureka moments. Here are some of the biggest.

Proyas: "Knowing Is The Polar Opposite Of National Treasure"
Nicolas Cage's apocalyptic movie Knowing brings a lot of surprises, says director Alex Proyas. He explained to us how he crafted a widescreen action-adventure, with a spooky family drama at its core. Spoilers below...

Cool Your Boot Jets! Astro Boy Still Zooming
Rumors are tearing up the web that Imagi's CG animated Astro Boy movie has stopped production. But don't start a robo-gladiator stampede. We talked to Imagi U.S. president Erin Corbett, who set the record straight.

Robert Rodriguez Spearheads Predator Reboot: But Can It Be Done?
Fox is prepping a Predator reboot, with Robert "Grindhouse" Rodriguez in the mix. But can a new version possibly capture the original's commando-squad awesomeness? We have our doubts.

Science Fiction That Gets Medieval on Your Ass
With Vikings vs. aliens movie Outlander rocking our gauntlets in theaters, it's time to take stock of the long and glorious history of science fiction set in the Middle Ages. We've got a list, gentlefolk.