Today's spoiler assault: telltale pics from Wolverine, Transformers, Heroes, Lost and Wonder Woman. New clips from Clone Wars and Smallville. Battlestar mayhem. Hints about Doctor Who, Kick-Ass, Chuck and Eleventh Hour. Spoilers refresh your cortex!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

I know, I know, we hate toy spoilers. But here's a pic of Soundwave's new robot mode, according to some new photos over at Empire Magazine. The old Soundwave was a tape deck, but now he's some sort of jet thingy. More pics, and bigger versions, at the link. [Empire via Cinemablend]


Meanwhile, in other toy spoiler news, people are noticing more images of Megatron on various Transformers 2 toys, leading to renewed speculation that Michael Bay was lying and the Decepticon leader will be back after all. [Slashfilm]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Some set pics of this mutantpalooza's reshoot in Vancouver have turned up online, but you can't see much. Part of the University of British Columbia campus was turned into a military facility, complete with barbed wire. And there's a tank. Which gets blowed up. Way more pics at the links. [Zeshiku and Tyfn and Freinhar, via Slashfilm]


The movie version of Mark Millar's wannabe-superhero comic is "dead on" like the comics source material, says actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Except for the costume Mintz-Plasse wears as Red Mist, everything else is exactly the same. And Nicholas Cage kicks absurd amounts of ass in the film, the actor says. He says they're already talking about a possible sequel, in which the Red Mist would have a huge role. [MTV]

Doctor Who:

Here's a new video diary from David Tennant himself. The BBC also released an image of one page of the episode's script, which looks like the museum security guards turning on the security system right before Michelle Ryan breaks in and steals something. [Planet Gallifrey]

Battlestar Carnage, Clone Wars Decapitations And Wolverine's Explosions

Battlestar Galactica:

The "space mutiny" gets totally out of hand, with everybody trying to kill each other. Starbuck, in particular, gets her Clint Eastwood on, shooting all her enemies with tremendous abandon. [Entertainment Weekly via Battlestar Blog]


Mrs. Hawking is definitely related to someone we already know, say producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. And Ben might be able to go back to the island after all. As for whether Locke can escape death, "He looks pretty dead to me," says Lindelof. [E! Online]


The show was setting up a scene on the beach near Othersville. It includes a makeshift hut and a ton of luggage. But it's not our heroes' beach camp returning — it's a much more primitive settlement, maybe after another plane crash? More pics at the link. [Hawaii Weblog]

Another witness caught a scene on the beach, which was strewn with luggage and a couple of canoes. Someone with long salt-and-pepper hair and an airline pilot's uniform was there, interacting with a man in a burgundy shirt. And there were trailers for Sun, Locke, Frank Lapidus, Ben, and a couple other actors. Later, there was a scene of Locke, wearing a nice outfit, walking over to Ben's cabin. More pics at the link. [The ODI]


Some new casting calls for episode 3x23 seem to take place in the same storyline as the "Young Angela Petrelli" stuff. We meet a racist cook who works at an Arizona diner in the 1960s and makes threats against one of his customers. We also meet a cheerful 1960s mom, and a Latina waitress at that Arizona diner. It's not clear if Mr. Shaw, a devoted father trying to protect his daughters, is also in the 1960s. [SpoilerTV]

And here are a few more new set photos. [Heroes Spoilers]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

In a new clip from Friday night's episode, "Trespass," Obi-Wan and friends discover a grisly sight... but the decapitating culprit isn't the Separatists. [Lucasfilm]


Here's a sneak peek from tonight's episode, "Power":


Some more details on the appearance on Chuck's dad, as played by Scott Bakula. Chuck has promised his sister that he'll find their dad before her wedding to Captain Awesome, but Chuck isn't ready for what he finds. Chuck's dad is paranoid and living in a trailer, claiming that software magnate Ted Roark (Chevy Chase) stole all his ideas. Chuck has always looked up to Roark for a long time, but maybe the discovery that Roark and his dad used to work together might change things. [Zap2It]

Eleventh Hour:

A casting call for episode 16, "Olfactus." It takes place at a top modeling agency, where we meet the sexy receptionist Gretchen and the top partner, Coco Hernandez, whose business partner Robert Bertram just died. Then there's top model Hailey Vaughn and her upper-class neighbor Tom. And the rich perfume designer Nicholas Merced, and his sharky corporate lawyer Linda. Finally, there's Stanley, an upper class man who attends a runway fashion show and gets into a fight in the men's room. He winds up the victim of a crime that's not his fault, but he still gets interrogated by Dr. Hood. [SpoilerTV]

Wonder Woman:

Here are a few pics of the animated DVD's version of Steve Trevor, voiced by Nathan Fillion. He crashes on Paradise island, where they don't appreciate his unrefined sense of humor. And his first fight of the film is with Princess Diana herself. [Warner Bros.]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.