Spoiler orgy! New Batman 3 script pages are probably fake, but fun anyway. There's Transformers 2 set video. Plus tons of Lost, Battlestar, Doctor Who, Heroes, Life On Mars, Smallville and Supernatural pics and spoilers.

Batman 3:

I don't know if there's enough grains of salt in the world for this, but in any case a script fragment of Chris Nolan's third Bat-flick has been making the rounds online. Everyone agrees it's probably fake, but then again that's what they said about the early Dark Knight synopsis that turned out to be real. In any case, the script starts out with a map of Gotham City, pulsing with blue and white lines, which are hit with brown-outs, until the remaing lines form a Bat-signal. Then we go to newscasters Vicki Vale and Mike Engel, reporting on the hunt for the Batman and the rash of Joker-inspired gang crime. A shadowy figure is listening to the reports and talking to the cops.

Then there's a police cordon around a building where Batman has already taken out a gang of Joker thugs. The cops are surrounding the building, because they can hear Batman still inside, fighting the remaining Joker-gangsters. The police SWAT teams are ready to storm the building, but Commissioner Gordon keeps stalling them. And then the shadowy figure shows up — it's police consultant Edward Nigma, who keeps talking in riddles. (Subtle, eh.) And then we cut to Batman inside the building, fighting the last Joker thug and demanding to know where the other hostage is.

Okay, so it really is probably fake. [Scribd via Oh No They Didn't]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here's a new set video showing Sam's parents running from something that will be CG-added later, during their vacation in Paris (which is really Philly.) [Transformers Movie Chronicles]

Also, writer Roberto Orci says it's no exaggeration to say there are 40-odd robots in the movie. Nobody utters the word "Spike" in the film. (??) The camera work may be less choppy this time around, so we'll be able to see what's actually happening. [Transformers Live]

Battlestar Galactica:

Here's the Canadian promo for Friday night's episode, showing a bit more of the crazy mutiny action. Apollo is having a bad day. [Battlestar Blog]

What else happens on Friday? Apparently, Adama and Roslin decide to take their relationship public, by smooching in front of the whole fleet. Everyone. They, like, broadcast it or something. Apparently, the display is greeted with a mixture of "ewwws" and "awwwws." [EW]

Doctor Who:

Here are some more set pics of David Tennant and Michelle Ryan, this time from the British newspapers. [via Life, Doctor Who and Combom]


We mentioned a while back the show was looking for someone to play a younger Philip Seymour Hoffman. And it turns out this role will be filled by Brad Henke (October Road). He's playing someone connected to Ilana, the pivotal new character played by Zuleikha Robinson, who may become a regular in season six. [EW]


According to set reports, in episode 5x09, Sawyer and Jin are reunited with the first half of the Oceanic Six in a very emotional reunion. And Jack talks to Marvin Candle. Also, by this point, Sawyer and Juliet are shacked up. (Ooh!) [SpoilersLost]

More set reports: Dharma wants to capture/kill Sayid, and a teenage Ben helps Sayid escape. Ben gets shot, and Jin may witness this. Juliet tries, and fails, to help Ben, but she convinces Sawyer and Kate to help her carry Ben back to Richard Alpert and the Others. Locke was shooting a scene where he's wearing a suit very similar to the one he's buried in. And there may be a sequence where Locke sits near the injured Ben. [SpoilersLost]

Also, there's a casting call for episode 5x13, in which we meet a prepubescent Asian boy, who wanders away from his mom and finds himself in a scary situation — but discovers he has more fortitude than he ever imagined. [SpoilersLost]


Tonight's episode starts to unveil the possible reason for Charles Widmore's and Faraday's interest in the island, and increases the danger to the people left behind by the Oceanic Six. And we learn a reason why Desmond might want to abandon his promise to help Daniel. [IGN]

And a clip from next Wednesday's episode, "The Little Prince," already aired on Good Morning America:


We already mentioned the rumor that both Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere want to leave the super-powered angst fest. Apparently, it's only really true for one of those two, and NBC is unlikely to let it happen. [EW]


And here are some new set photos featuring Hiro and Ando. And a baby! [SpoilerTV]

So remember how this spring's episode "Cold Wars" is supposed to be a new HRG-centric episode along the lines of "Company Man"? Here's what actually happens:

While being held hostage, HRG (Jack Coleman) is subjected to Matt Parkman’s (Greg Grunberg) unique brand of interrogation, revealing how he became involved with Nathan’s (Adrian Pasdar) government plot to capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Matt’s discoveries bring Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) face-to-face with “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek).


Life On Mars:

The time-lost detective show starts up again tonight, and we'll see the beginnings of actual romance between Sam and Annie back in 1973. But don't forget about Sam's 21st century girlfriend Maya — she hasn't turned up much because Lisa Bonet has been on maternity leave. But she'll be back at the end of the season, with some information that may "rock Sam's world." [Zap2It]


In episode 8x19, "Stiletto," Lois and Chloe are having some "cousin time" and hanging out. And then they get attacked by two thugs, and Lois takes one of them down with her stiletto heels. The other one gets away with Chloe's car, which has some sensitive info inside. Lois starts to feel like a superhero, and she decides to spread rumors there's a new heroine named Stiletto in town, in hopes of bringing the red-blue blur (aka Clark) out of hiding. She gets Jimmy to help her document her fake story. But when she tells Clark about this, he tells her she's a better reporter than to use a fabricated story to scare up a scoop. And she may actually encounter the red-blue blur in this episode. [KryptonSite]


Jared Harris, who plays Mr. Jones, says he's definitely a villain, but he may also help out the good guys. We'll see Mr. Jones' relationship with Olivia develop further. He gets to spend more time in the lab and hang out with Broyles and John Noble. (Haven't seen last night's episode yet, so he may be talking about stuff that aired la [TV Guide]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

Here's a new shot from Friday night's episode. Anakin winds up on an icy planet which is having conflicts with a nearby moon, and he needs help from super-translator C-3PO to mediate the dispute. [Lucasfilm]


Here are some new pics from episode 4x14, "Sex And Violence." Strip joint! [FanPop]

Batman: The Brave And The Bold:

What happens in Friday's episode? Here's what:

Batman's life hangs in the balance when he is poisoned by Chemo, who is under the control of the evil Brain. The Atom races to the rescue with Aquaman by shrinking down and entering Batman's bloodstream. While Aquaman and the Atom battle the infection deep inside Batman's body, Batman struggles to end Chemo's rampage and defeat the Brain! This week's teaser features Elongated Man and Plastic Man teaming up to derail a bank heist and capture the criminal Baby Face.

Wow, Plastic Man and Elongated Man teaming up at last! Oh, and here's a couple clips. [Comic Book Resources]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.