See Gaeta throw down on Adama, watch Clark discover Lex's fate, and the Losties once again step on a big pile of trouble, in this week's TV round up.


Kyle XY -
Sexual tension runs high when Jessi moves in with the Tragers. Will Kyle cross the line with his new housemate, and how will Amanda take it? My guess: it'll end in the death of at least one member, if not the entire Trager family. Kyle XY is on ABC Family at 9 PM.

Kyle XY Clips

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Fringe -
Olivia and Peter finally get to play sexy role playing games, when the two are forced to go undercover to discover the roots of another airborne virus. Let's hope they're "pretend" boyfriend and girlfriend. New Fringe is on 9 PM on Fox.


Ben Stiller actually brings the funny to an off-kilter superhero story, in Mystery Men at 12:30 AM and 1 PM on AMC

The Sci Fi Channel also has a round-up of good popcorn movies, starting with The Grudge, at 11 PM and Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis at 3 AM.


Knight Rider -
Mike is taken hostage, and KITT has to save him. You know, just like every other episode of Knight Rider so far. "Exit Light, Enter Knight," is on NBC at 8 PM.

Lost -
Detective Locke is getting to the bottom of who's messing with the survivors on the island, and everyone's favorite "brother" follows Faraday's wishes. The next episode of Lost is on 9 PM on ABC.
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Life On Mars -
The Russian mob gets involved in this week's time-traveling police show. Lr. Hunt's squad and Lt. Nunzio's crew start squabbling, and Sam falls in love with yet another pretty face. Life On Mars is at 10 PM on ABC.


UFO Hunters -
Dive into the UK's Ministry of Defense's formerly classified UFO with the UFO Hunters on 10 PM on the History Channel.

Was Terminator 3 that bad? Was Nick Stahl really that underwhelming as John Connor? Did Claire Danes really try to kill the franchise with her terrible acting? Yes, yes and yes, but Terminator 3 is still fun to watch for the lady-bots, plus the big surprise ending. Check it out at 8 PM on AMC


Smallville -
Lana is all sickly, and Clark finds out that Lex is still alive. Oh, what twisted webs we weave, when we attempt to write a Smallville episode. Oh and side note: Chloe directed this episode, so address any confused questions to her. "Power" is on 8 PM on the CW.

Smallville Clips

Smallville Clips

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Supernatural -
Sam and Dean invade their old high school to try and understand the paranormal happenings prepare yourself for gay gym teacher jokes and cutie brother flash backs. Supernatural is on CW at 9 PM.

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Eleventh Hour -
Hood opens up a dead old millionaire and finds two hearts. Make with the crazy eyes and theories Rufus Sewell we've got a mystery. The next Eleventh Hour is on 10 PM at CBS.

Who's the law? Find out from the one man legal system of the future on Judge Dredd on TNT at 4 AM.


Batman: The Brave And The Bold -
Atom and Aquaman get shrunk below action-figure size, and get injected into Batman's blood stream Innerspace-style to fight off a virus. The obscene-sounding "Journey To The Center Of The Bat" is on Cartoon Network at 8 PM.


Star Wars Clone Wars -
This week in "Trespass," Anakin and Obi-Wan go on a snowy adventure, and try and make peace between the natives and invading troops. Ye gods, this "peace keeping" plot is getting old. Let's get back to the Clones and their many different hairstyles. The next episode will be on Cartoon Network 9 PM.

Clone Wars Promo

Clone Wars Promo

Battlestar Galactica -
Gaeta grows a pair, and stands up to the old man, in a mutinous episode of Battlestar Galactica. "The Oath" is on the Sci Fi channel at 10 PM.

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Cuddle up with three chilly Sci Fi originals starting at 3 PM with Abominable, 5 PM Yeti is on and a 7 PM catch Ice Spiders.


Scare yourself off reality TV, with an all-day Ghost Hunters marathon on the Sci Fi Channel from 9 AM to 1 AM.