io9 has called upon me and my fantastic research abilities to dig up (read: fabricate) news items that they missed throughout the week. Get ready for... disaster.

And I would be remiss if I did not thank Blog-Buddy Plague for the germination of the "It's a Disaster" concept, dare I say... meme?


The upcoming straight to DVD modern classic Space Buddies released shots of their merchandise, and one of the figures was pulled out of early promotion shots for being too spoilerific. However, the talking plush doll does lead one to believe that a very strange crossover may be on the way to the BBC.

The publicity train kept rolling with some very strange viral marketing and press releases.

From old school news reports... odd and frank discussions of the story's rape scene.


Annalee showed us some well designed posters from a series of lectures by prominent scientists, yet oddly left out one for what was probably the most interesting talk.

Chevy further proved that American auto makers just don't get it.


The controversy surrounding the Baroness'sess'sss endowment runs much deeper than we had thought. I unearthed this intra-office memo that seems to just scratch the surface of director Stephen Sommers' infantile, yet commendable efforts to hyper-sexualize a story for kids that should really be just teaching them the importance of conflict resolution through violence.


Finally, while on the topic of said ladybits, this week I had the pleasure to see the new film Outlander. While a dazzling display of heroics and general badassery (first bar in the Seattle area to replace 'Trivia Night' with 'Shields' will find me a loyal customer), there was nary a nork to be had in the entire film. This of course means that this film was far from perfect. And on the internet anything that is less than perfect can only mean one thing...

Hellboy, tell 'em what that is:

Until next week, this is Garrison Dean.