Too busy betting on the Vikings-versus-aliens fight? Don't worry, we got the best of the week right here. This week we talk to the brain trust behind Outlander, survey Lost parodies and check on Sundance.

The Saga Behind Viking-Alien War Movie Outlander
We've waited a year to see viking-alien epic Outlander, which hits U.S. theaters Friday. But for co-creators Howard McCain and Dirk Blackman, it's been 18 years of struggle. They told us their whole movie-making saga.

Revolutionary New Material Will Make a Space Elevator Possible
A new form of carbon ribbon that's ultra-flexible and super-strong could become the infrastructure for the first working space elevator. Such a structure would usher in a new era in easy space travel.

How Sad Is Dualla?
Sure, you may have been upset by what happened to Battlestar Galactica's Dualla on Friday's episode, but how do you think the actress who played her felt? A heartbreaking interview reveals all. Spoiler warning...

On Lost, the Island Skips, Skips, Skips in Time
Lost is back! Let's sort through the tangle of weirdness, bad parenting and shirtlessness together, and may the flying spaghetti monster of your choice help us all. Spoilers follow.

The Cutest Cylon Centurion In The Galaxy
Knitting artist and Cylon sympathizer Thea has created a fantastic Centurion stocking cap. More details and pics await you, but if BSG isn't your flavor, how about a Twilight knit to spark your interest?

Lost Is Everywhere: A Collection Of The Best Parodies And Island Shout Outs
You can never leave the island: Lost will haunt you everywhere. So, tonight we're celebrating the world's collective obsession with Lost by rounding up the best parodies and references from sketches to Veronica Mars' cookies.

Sabretooth Had A Lousy Self-Image, Thanks To You
Do you need more proof that Liev Schreiber is taking his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine seriously? What about the fact that you guys shamed him into having low self esteem?

Science Fiction Conquers Sundance
The most exciting films at this year's indie movie-fest Sundance include tales of clones, soul-stealing machines, lonely astronauts and an undead Third Reich. So what did the critics think of these indie-SF beauties?

A First Kiss That Would Kill A Normal Human
This exclusive clip from Monday's Kyle XY is a teen sex-comedy gem. It's not just the smooch that packs a little extra voltage, it's the screamingly funny dialogue. We explain, with minor spoilers, below.

Reseachers Say "Hobbit" People Were Not Human
Several years ago, a group of intriguing, ancient fossils were uncovered: Their bodies and skulls looked human, but they were incredibly tiny. Scientists named them Homo floresiensis, and the popular press called them Hobbits.