At last we have a new batch of humans to experiment on with the latest version of the io9 brain implant. Want to meet the new interns and our first-ever research fellow? Read on!

Alasdair Wilkins joins us as an intern, and writes that he is a junior at Harvard studying History & Science and Archaeology, a plan of study that he pretty much chose because it was the longest, most unwieldy name he could come up with. He worships at the altar of Grant Morrison, and he is firmly convinced Final Crisis is going to start making sense any day now. Some of his favorite shows include Firefly, Futurama, Life on Mars (the British one, of course), and The Prisoner. The fact that the combined runs of those shows barely exceeds that of Two and a Half Men is something he must live with every day. His secret dream is to pen a Doctor Who episode, his more secret dream is to write a run of Detective Comics, and his super secret dream is to convince the Asimov estate to let him write a Foundation sequel trilogy.

Our next intern, Julia Carusillo, writes that she was more of a ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ enthusiast growing up than one of the sci fi variety, but as she gets older her yearning for space, holograms, hatches and Tomorrowland at Disney World grows ever-stronger. In fact, she loves these things so much that she is often compelled to create macros proclaiming her impatience for the return of such shows as ‘Lost’ and ‘Heroes’, and, more embarrassingly, the midnight premiere of ‘Twilight’. She is a sophomore art direction student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and if you ever want to get beat at Harry Potter Scene It you’ve come to the right place.


And the intern team is complete with the addition of Alyssa Johnson, who writes that she was born only semi-remarkably twenty-one years ago and has since lived only semi-thrillingly in delightful corner of suburbia just down the road from the Bunnyman Bridge. She's currently a senior English major at the University of Mary Washington, where she programs the campus television station, somehow managing to air a disproportionate number of Sidney Poitier movies. Alyssa owns a few too many rock albums on vinyl, a few too many Green Arrow comics, and has watched a few too many episodes of The Muppet Show. And a few too many episodes of Doctor Who. Her favorite Walt is Whitman, her favorite Robin is Jason, and her favorite Doctor is Sylvester McCoy. (Her favorite Muppet is Gonzo.) As a child, she wanted to be C-3PO.


And this spring, io9 welcomes its very first Research Fellow: Andrew Liptak. He writes:

I'm a 2007 graduate of Norwich University, where I received a major in History and I'm continuing my education with a Masters in Military History through Norwich's online graduate school. My obsession with science fiction has vague origins, but the easiest starting point was the Star Wars special editions back in 1997. In 2005, I joined the 501st Legion as a Storm Trooper and since entering college, I've been a regular blogger in all things geek.

He blogs at Worlds in a Grain of Sand and The VT Trooper.

Welcome, all! Please use these warm towels to wipe the blood off your new brain implants as you leave the conversion facility.