Star Trek toys are hitting the market. Barbie has their own line of Starfleet Academy dolls, and Playmate brings a totally awesome transporter to beam up whatever toy you want.

The Enterprise bridge is going for a mere $25, which means you can get two, and role-play with your friends. Both the transporter and the bridge are from Playmate Toys, and the transporter comes with a 3¾-inch Scotty doll (of course). The Playmate Toy line also has small dolls of the entire original crew all for $9-$10. Plus there are ine


Also in the gallery is the new Barbie line we mentioned once before, featuring Chris Pine as a young Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock and a severly short skirted Zoe Saldana playing Uhura. Each Barbie is $43.19 and will be on shelves April 20th. The Playmate Toys come out on the 19th. For more pictures, check out USA Today.