Today's spoiler harvest includes scorching Doctor Who set pics, Supernatural script pages, and the most shocking Fringe theory yet. Will there be crazy Lost twists? There will! Plus Sarah Connor, Star Wars and Smallville.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Toy spoilers! (I know. I know.) Here's an amazingly detailed and very serious review of the movie's Audi R-8 tie-in toy. We just had to share this video because it's so dedicated. [Transformers Live]


We'll learn which female castmember may be dying, in the closing seconds of the Jan. 28 episode. And Sawyer will make out with a non-Kate female this season. And the show is casting a "young Philip Seymour Hoffman" character, who has a small role in season five and a huge role in season six. Is it Jacob? A Dharma mastermind? Both? We'll find out, Darlton willing. [EW]

A bit more detail on exactly how the Oceanic Six's return to the island will become complicated, courtesy of Jorge Garcia. At first, they'll think they should return to the island all together, but then they'll decide to return separately. Some will go one way, others will go another. And the off-island situation will get a lot more complicated just as they're gearing up to go back. [TV Guide via Doc Arzt]

By the end of season five, we'll understand why Widmore might want to send Miles, Daniel and Charlotte, in particular, to the island. []

Doctor Who:

More set reports. Extras dressed as UNIT soldiers were tromping around a big tunnel, along with a mobile UNIT HQ. And then a scene involving police officers and an armed response unit pointing their guns at something inside the tunnel. It seems there's a "smouldering skeleton on the road," and UNIT is called in to investigate. [Doctor Who Forum, especially Scooty and Brian, and Alun Vega. You guys rule, as always!]


SpoilerTV uploaded what we in the news business call a buttload of script pages for episode 4.18. (Technically, they're casting sides, so they may or may not be from the real script.) Lilith wants to know where the knife is, and Sam tries to trick her, to no avail. Sam attacks her, but it turns out she and Sam can't hurt each other. Lilith offers Sam a deal: she'll stop opening the seals and trying to free Lucifer, if the Winchester brothers give up their lives. (Because otherwise, Lilith will die in the final battle.) Sam says no, then changes his mind and says yes.


Meanwhile, a comic book publisher turns out to have been publishing a remarkably accurate comic about the lives of the Winchester boys. Their quest for answers leads them to a comic book store, where the store owner thinks they're LARPing. And then to the publisher's office, where she gushes over all their most private griefs and traumas. They have to take off their shirts and show their tattoos to get her to reveal the real name of the comic's writer. The writer, Chuck, is blown away to meet the real-life Sam and Dean, and starts believing he's a god. He's not very helpful to the Winchesters, who are just trying to figure out what's next.

Also: Dean gets hit by an SUV. A crucial bridge is out, so the boys are trapped in a small town overnight. And they decide to go incognito by eating tofu burgers and other health food — except Dean gets a bacon cheesburger by mistake. [SpoilerTV]

Meanwhile, a secret will soon be revealed that will make Dean feel guilty for all eternity. [EW]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The major character who will die is female, and close to John. And she's said on video that she's a fan of Michael Ausiello at EW. (Presumably in an interview. Anybody care to search the archives?) [EW]


We showed you photos of a tense meeting between Peter and his mommy. Now here's the video. [Heroes Spoilers]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

The peace-loving Lurmens try to insist their world is neutral territory in this new clip from Friday's episode. Good luck with that! Also, there's a new still. [Lucasfilm]


The show will deal with computer viruses in a new, fringe-y way, involving what children get up to online when their parents aren't looking. Mr. Jones will be back, and we'll discover he's way more connected to Olivia's life than we realized. The "Agent Scott" storyline will sort of wrap up soon, but he'll still be a part of Olivia, and the things he reveals will propel the show forward. Every answer will — can you imagine it? — lead to more questions. [Sci Fi Wire]


Two pieces of bad news for Peter/Olivia shippers: Walter will start trying to play "matchmaker" between those crazy kids, which will only make things worse. And worse yet, they may actually be brother and sister. Could a Splinter Of The Mind's Eye moment be in our future? At the very least, Olivia has met Walter before the show's beginning, and questions about his connection to her birth are "the right questions to be asking," says Roberto Orci. [Zap2It and E! Online]

And here are some shots of that happy family at work, from episode 1x13, "The Transformation." (The one written by all the show's major producers, I think.) [Fringe Television]


Yet another DC villain shows up: the Toyman, in episode 1x14, "Requiem":

An explosion at LuthorCorp kills all the Board members and injures Oliver (Justin Hartley), who was there to announce the merger of his company with LutherCorp. Oliver believes that Lex is responsible for the blast, but Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) learn that the bomber is Winslow Schott (guest star Chris Gauthier), a toymaker and former Queen Industries employee with a grudge against Oliver.



The final 10 episodes of the season will have three seasons worth of developments, just in case the show doesn't come back. Among the shockers: someone will start figuring out the truth about Chuck's world. And Jordana Brewster will be back as Chuck's ex Jill in the season finale. [EW]

Kyle XY:

I'm still not excited about the Mama-Trager-hurt-in-car-accident storyline. Especially not now that I know Kyle has to take care of her and help a pregnant girl give birth by the roadside. But here are pics. [SpoilerTV]

Eleventh Hour:

Remember this show? Stentorian Rufus Sewell as a cranky science guy? Yeah. Anyway, Mariel Hemingway (!!) will appear later in the season as a woman whose children are taken hostage by a terrorist. [EW]

Knight Rider:

Do you care? Admit it, you kind of do. If so, here's what KITT looks like after his battle with KARR in tonight's episode. More pics at the link. [KRO]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.