Everyone's favorite vampire has saddled up for the role of outlaw in the new Sci Fi Channel original movie Alien Western. Lucky us — we've stumbled upon some set photos of Marsters all dirty-cowboyed up.

Cute-as-a-button co-star Sanny van Heteren posted a few pics from the set showing a dirty Marsters ready to kill some alien-bug scum. The plot of Alien Western is centered around a little town that gets attacked by giant alien bugs. Marsters plays Sam Danville, an outlaw who's supposed to be executed when the aliens land.


Anyone else thinks Marsters just picks parts off of a role playing fantasy to-do list? Vampire, check. Space and time traveler, check. Savvy thief, check. Green alien, check. Cowboy, check. I can't wait until he plays the firefighter with the troubled past followed by the Mexican apple thief. (Ten points if you catch that reference.) Either way, I'll clear my schedule to watch him slay aliens, get dirty and say yee-haw. Especially since it looks like he is going gorgeously gray around the edges. Plus giant bugs, people. This may actually be one Sci Fi original that's made of win.

[Facebook via Whedonesque]