Lost returns, with tidings of WTF and joy. Also on TV: Clone Wars inspires Lemur people to fight, Batman and Blue Beetle bond, and the Supernatural takes on a magical D-bag. Clips and minor spoilers.


Kyle XY -
Kyle's new psychic pal has him all spooked over Amanda's safety. So what's a test-tube baby to do? Follow the young girl everywhere she goes, of course. Spend time with the doe-eyed super-boy with the heart of gold at 9 PM on ABC Family.

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip

Kyle XY Clip


The Universe -
This week uncover the strangest things in the universe, like pulsar planets, planets beyond Neptune (Pluto no longer being allowed in the club), the secrets behind dark matter, and alcohol clouds. (Crap, I'll take two of those.) This week's Universe is on the History Channel at 9 PM

Fringe -
This week, meet Olivia's sister (and let's all hope she's not as trigger-happy and po-faced as the show's heroine). And speaking of the badass Miss O, isn't she all kidnapped? Find out what her captors plan to do with her, now that they have her in their clutches, on Fox at 9 PM.

Fringe Clip

Fringe Promo


Lost -
Before you settle in and get ready for a mind blowing brand new Lost, remember the happy times with a special recap episode at 8 PM. Then buckle up and get ready to catch up with everyone's favortie Lostaways. And just for you, here's the latest clip from Wednesday's episode, full of the lovable nerd Daniel. This seasons premiere is on 9 PM at ABC.

New Lost Clip

Other Lost Clips -

Knight Rider -
KITT fights KARR, but really, it's just a CG Transformer thing. Ugh, stuff happens with fake science and then Mike takes off his shirt (I'm guessing). Let's all root for the evil robot to crush that lisping car into oblivion, with the whole cast inside. CRUSH THEM WALL-E STYLE, Transformer-thing! That's at 8 PM on NBC

Knight Rider Promo

UFO Hunters -
The UK is absolutely stuffed to the brim with aliens — just ask the UFO Hunters. This weeks episode takes us to all the fascinating foreign alien sightings, and discusses the Ministry of Defense's 2008 release of formerly classified UFO documents to the public. So it's time to learn about our alien friends from across the pond on The History Channel at 10 PM.


Smallville -
Clark gets all journalistic, and goes undercover as a cop in the crime-infested streets of Smallville, so he can uncover the mystery behind Detective John Jones' shooting. The ladies, on the other hand, quit their squabbling long enough for Lana to change Tess' opinion of the much-missed Lex. "Bulletproof" airs at 8 PM on the CW.

Smallville Clip

Smallville Promo

Smallville Promo

Supernatural -
This week, the brothers get to the bottom of why Criss Angel is such a huge douche bag, in the episode titled "Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag." Whether or not the guyliner-wearing lameass magician Angel is actually in the episode seems doubtful, but it is about magicians and includes cameos from Barry Bostwick, John Rubenstein, and Richard Libertini. Supernatural is on CW 9 PM

Supernatural Promo

Supernatural Promo

Supernatural Sneak Peek (next two episodes included as well)

Eleventh Hour -
Hood checks out a Miracle in Minnesota, when a boy's tumor disappears after he drinks from a natural spring. Find out whether it's science or magic, on CBS at 10 PM.


Learn all about the future of crime fighting with Tom Cruise in Minority Report on TBS at 1 AM.


There's a mini Dr. Who marathon on the Sci Fi Channel from 8 AM until until 3 PM, which includes the super-cute "The Girl In The Fire Place" episode where the Doctor meets Madame de Pompadour.


Batman: Brave and the Bold -
Blue Beetle and Batman head out to Science Island (which could very well be THE Island for all we know), where he and Batman battle robots and chat about their love of gadgets (see below clip). "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" is on 8 PM on the Cartoon Network at 8 PM.

Batman Clip:

Star Wars Clone Wars -
"Defenders of Peace" is the conclusion to this two-part episode. The Jedi hide out on the Lurmen planet, but of course these little guys are completely pissed the the Jedi brought the war right to their doorstep. George Takei makes a voice cameo as a new villain, at 9 PM on Cartoon Network.

Clone Wars Promo

Battlestar Galactica
Mutiny is spreading among the humans, while an uneasy alliance is made between the final four cylons. But frak all that, take a look at Six and Saul Tigh's love child in the Canadian Promo. "The Disquiet That Follows My Soul," is on 10 PM on the Sci Fi Channel.

BSG Canadian Promo:


It's a dragon-filled day on the Sci Fi Channel this weekend, starting with Dragon Wars at 3 PM, Dragon Sword at 5 PM, Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath Of The Dragon God at 11 PM, Dragon Heart at 1 AM, and Dragon Storm at 3 AM.



Start prepping for your X-Men: Origins: Wolverine goodies on FX, with X-Men The Last Stand at 5 PM.


What happens when a company harnesses the power of time travel to take tourists back in time to shoot dinosaurs? Well, everything goes to hell of course. Cozy up with the so-terrible-it's-almost-good flick, The Sound Of Thunder, at 5 PM on the Sci Fi Channel.