The next Stargate crew is slowly coming together, including the boyfriend from Ugly Betty, David Blue. The cast's descriptions aren't really putting the "Teen Stargate" rumors to rest, but we're still intrigued.

David Blue (former the lovable ex-boyfriend of Mark from Ugly Betty, pictured above) is playing Eli Wallace. He's got the brains of a Stargate problem solver, but none of the drive. The crew's resident slacker is good at everything he does, from computers to video games. Eli supposedly has a mean streak in his humor — so basically we're getting a young McKay, I approve only because it's Blue.

Justin Louis of Hidden Hills fame is taking on the role of Colonel Everett Young, one of the more experienced members of the crew. He's married and was previously described as the Jack O'Neill of the group, but with a shorter fuse.

Jamil Walker will be Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer. You may remember him from Smith, Sister or also the voice of Gerald in Hey Arnold. Greer is the pissy one with the tortured soul tough exterior. What do you wanna bet he's just waiting to crack open, with a little love and tenderness? I'm also thinking that this character may be replacing the Ron "Psycho" Stasiak personality that was rumored in a casting call for Universe earlier.

Brian J. Smith from Hate Crime is cast as Lt. Matthew Scott, who is another one of the Stargate younglings. But this year is all about Scott taking responsibility as a leader. Like all of the other attractive males of Stargate past, he'll be a bit troubled, maybe save a few lives and take a few "dangerous" risks, but I bet he makes it out okay everytime.


Robert Carlyle has been cast as Dr. David Rush which I think was a huge get for the Universe crew, so who's still left to cast? We still need some ladies, and according to a casting call these roles are still left to be filled:

Tamara Jon:
A young 20-something "preferably Asian" who will be the SGU medic. She dreamed of being a doctor, but couldn't afford medical school, so she joined the Air Force. Jon is a miracle worker, who makes do with the limited supplies aboard her ship.

Chloe Walker:
Another 20-year-old hottie who was born into wealth, but left it all for the Navy with dreams of becoming a politician just like Daddy (who died tragically). She also has an Ivy League education.


Lt. Jared Nash:
A young man who is, "every teenage girl's fantasy." He's the hottie of the group, a young and restless "always willing to go first" type of character... so sort of like Sheppard. This could also be Lt. Matthew Scott mentioned above, but we don't have too much to go on right now. UPDATE: This is indeed the character above Lt. Matthew Scott, the names were changed by the Producers.

Ron "Psycho" Stasiak:
Ron will be the big strong type, like a Teal'c — you can tell because his middle name is "psycho." Also a young man (only 20 years old), Ron has a combat filled past. But like all people who are quiet, he's filled with mystery. Unless he's been replaced by Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer, in which case this character has already been cast!

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