It's our last chance for BSG premiere spoilers, and Ronald Moore has shared a doozy. Plus Iron Man 2 villainy and Terminator Salvation's ending. Plus Dragonball, Chun-Li, Lost, Sarah Connor, Fringe, Heroes and Smallville.

Iron Man 2:

So what's the deal with Justin Hammer, the "money guy" that Sam Rockwell plays in the sequel? "He takes over all the weapons stuff after Tony's left," says Rockwell. And not only does he take over Tony's abandoned weapons businesses, he may actually take over Stark Industries itself. [IGN]

Terminator Salvation:

So the ending of Terminator 4 — the one which will piss off a bunch of people, but doesn't necessarily involve John Connor being replaced with a machine? What exactly is that ending, anyway? McG offers another hint: "It’s an elliptical ending that will keep people guessing." What does the word "elliptical" mean in this context? Your guess is probably way better than mine. [Movies Online]

Dragonball Evolution:

A new Bulma pic. At least she's well armed. [DBTheMovie]

Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li:

So what happens in your movie, Kristin Kreuk?

It's very simple in the sense that she lives with her father and her mother and goes on this quest. And she finds a master who helps her let go of her anger and continue her quest. And eventually she goes after the man who took her father and finds her father again. And the whole journey, until the end of the film, gets you to the point where you can see how she becomes the Chun-Li in the video game.

Makes perfect sense to me. [Sci Fi Wire]

Battlestar Galactica:

The final scene of tonight's episode will reveal the identity of the final Cylon — and Ron Moore says some people will hate the choice. (Others will love it, though.) Learning who the final Cylon is won't answer all the questions about this person's relationship to the other Cylons, or the show's mythology. Starbuck questions whether she's alive or dead, human or Cylon, and she has a meltdown. The final scene the crew filmed involves Starbuck, Apollo, Sharon, Helo, Baltar and Six in some kind of massive gunfight. [TV Guide via SpoilerTV]


Also, the "thirteenth tribe" turns out not to be what anyone expected. And at one point — as seen in the trailers — Roslin burns the prophecy of Pythia. Admiral Adama contemplates ending it all, but first he and Tigh have it out with guns and Scotch. People make lots of mistakes, sometimes for the best reasons. And the Cylons themselves turn out to be different than we'd believed. [L.A. Times]

British broadcaster Sky One posted two dozen pictures from the episode, a few of which we've seen before — but some of which may be intensely spoilery. [Sky, Thanks Mark]

Meanwhile, Sci Fi uploaded seven new clips to its YouWillKnowTheTruth site, and here they are as embeds:

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Plus a couple more pics. [Multiple Verses]


It won't take as long as you expect for Jack to convince the other Oceanic Five to return to the island with him and their dead friend, says Matthew Fox. Desmond's mental ability to move through time and space makes him a "wild card," say producers. We'll learn what Sawyer said to Kate before jumping out of that helicopter. And the show definitely won't end with a copout ending, that it all happened in a snow globe, or it was all in the dog's mind, or that it was in a snowglobe in the dog's mind. [USA Today]

One more new sneak peek:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Episode 2x20 will introduce Detective Sykes, an LAPD detective assigned to a high-profile case, who keeps his cards close to his chest. [SpoilerTV]


Here are two more photos from the next episode, "Bound." [Fringe Television]

And here's the official press release for the following episode, "No-Brainer":

A COMPUTER SCIENTIST-TURNED-SERIAL KILLER HAS DISCOVERED AN UNCONVENTIONAL METHOD TO KILL PEOPLE ON "FRINGE" TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, ON FOX. Olivia, Walter and Peter are called in to investigate the death of a car salesman who was found in a pool of "goo," exactly like another man across the country. When Walter discovers that the "goo" is brain matter, the trio tries to figure out how the killer can liquefy human brains. As the deaths pile up, the investigation reveals a common thread linking the victims together in an unthinkable manner. Meanwhile, Olivia is horrified when the case places a loved one in harm's way.

[Fringe Television]


A casting call for episode 3x22 reveals a few characters: FBI agent Donner heads up a top-secret operation, and he's got two agents with him. Alena Mihalov is a Russian former escort (with a heart of gold) who's now being taken care of by a former client with whom she fell in love. There's a funny, amiable, Japanese truck driver with a pure Texas accent. [The ODI]


In episode 8x14, "Requiem," an explosion at LuthorCorp injures Ollie and kills all the company's board members. [SpoilerTV]

Batman: The Brave And The Bold:

A few sneak peeks from tonight's episode, co-starring Dead Man (Michael Rosenbaum). (Plus Kamandi, the last boy on Earth!)

Wonder Woman:

So you know the new direct-to-DVD animated movie retells Wondy's origin, but how does it deal with all that Greek mythology stuff? Let producer Bruce Timm explain:

Her character has distinct roots in classic Greek mythology, so we really played that up. The movie actually starts with a fairly long, epic battle that takes place in ancient times. It's swords and sorcery, die-hard Amazon warriors versus monsters and barbarians.

And here are a couple new images: Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor fight when they first meet. And Queen Hippolyta and Artemis prepare for battle with Ares' forces. [Warner Bros.]