This is apparently the week where comics imitate real life. Not because this week's books are especially topical, but rather because this week's shipping list is, really, all about Battlestar Galactica.

Okay, sure; there are other books being released this week that you might want to check out. Dark Horse are starting a new series of Hellboy spin-off BPRD, after all, called The Black Goddess, which is sure to be worth a look.


IDW are launching not only a new GI Joe series but also their Terminator: Salvation Movie Prequel series. Marvel is putting out the much-hyped Amazing Spider-Man #583 (The Obama issue, in case you were wondering). And DC collect the first few issues of the enjoyable quasi-anthology House of Mystery into the Room And Boredom paperback (which, admittedly, is very worth your time and attention at $9.99).

But, honestly? The book that stands out from this week's shipping list? That would be Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War.

The four-issue series, timed to coincide with the final episodes of SciFi's epic television show, takes us back to the first Cylon War, to show us all the backstory that we've only had hints of before, about just how that whole little "war" thing got started, letting us see how the Cylons got their human-killing groove on in the first place, and offering up lots and lots of old-school Centurion action to boot. It may not be a full-scale Ronald D. Moore-written television series like we'd want, but it's the next best thing... and perhaps the perfect way to get in the mood for Friday's BSG Season 4.5 premiere.


Definitely a good reason to use the Comic Shop Locator, just in case you don't know where your local android's dungeon is, if nothing else.