It's never too soon to introduce children to cryptozoology, and that's why new kids' book Monster Isle is the perfect teaching tool. We've got exclusive images of the book's cute, misunderstood monsters.

The tale of a family shipwrecked on an island full of legendary monsters, Monster Isle is illustrated by by Jeff Miracola, who has done concept art for Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and World of Warcraft. His big, stylized monsters are the perfect combination of fanged and funny.

Published by Immedium Press, the book is written by Oliver Chin, who gives us a sweet story of a bunch of monsters who seem scary until you get to know them. I like how he introduces each monster by showing how to pronounce its name, and giving some salient facts about it. This truly is D&D's Monster Manual for tots.


Learn more about the monsters and the book on the official Monster Isle site.