Get caught up in superhero politics? Don't worry: We've rounded up the best posts, including Ender's Game details, new Doctor details and '09 movie predictions.

Producer Says Ender's Game Not Over
After Orson Scott Card claimed he was "not interested" in the Ender's Game film adaptation, it seemed as if this classic novel would never be made into a film. Not so, the producers tell io9.

He Is The Law: Your First Look At Judge Dredd Movie!
If you weren't already excited for a Judge Dredd film from the producers of 28 Days Later, check out this early concept art from Losers/2000 A.D. artist Jock. Gallery is below.

And The New Doctor Is...
The BBC has announced the name of the actor who'll take over the lead role in Doctor Who next year, following David Tennant's departure this year. Let's just say that it's not who we expected.

Best Zombie Nazi Fight Scene In History!
If you weren't excited about Norwegian horror movie Dead Snow, this clip should surely change your mind. See the most intense, insane and amazing Nazi-zombie-fighting scene ever.

Yellowstone Due for Eruption that Could Obliterate North
Dozens of nearly-imperceptible mini-earthquakes have made Yellowstone National Park tremble over the past few days - they might be early warning of an eruption so huge it buries half the U.S. under hot ash.

Caprica Script (And Clip) Include Orgies And Tangled Ethics
A new clip from the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica just came out, at the same time as a draft of the pilot script appeared online. Seems there's a surplus of naughtiness in BSG's past. Spoilers!

30 Fantastic Movies To Watch (Or Avoid) This Year
Is this the greatest time to be a fan of science fiction movies? No fewer than 30 SF films are hitting theaters, and at least a dozen could be great. Here's our 2009 movie forecast.

Will There Be An Incredible Hulk 2?
The villains may be ready to return, but will there really be a sequel to last year's Incredible Hulk to return to? We looked past the eager bad guys, and asked Marvel Studios.

You've Got Mail From Half-Digested Children
Poor little kiddies have been gobbled up by artist Alex Pardee's nightmarish monsters, and will be in an adorably gruesome and intricate art show this week. Check out our haunting gallery.

At Last, A Book That Explains Why Obi-Wan Is Such A Dick
Karen Miller is one of my favorite fantasy writers, so I was thrilled to see she'd written a Star Wars novel. But she got stuck with an onerous task: explaining Obi-Wan's Clone Wars dickery. Spoilers!