An actor posted some cool-looking pics from the set of Sci Fi's Doomsday TV movie. The bad news is, apparently it's not based on the Neil Marshall classic. Sort of.

Actor/rapper Mike "Fresh" Johnson (aka Jay Dogg) has a role in the new Doomsday telepic (although he's not on the IMDB page yet.) He blogged about showing up for the audition and meeting star Luke Goss, plus B-movie sexpot Xenia Seeberg, who has a supporting role. And later, he posted some set pics, which actually do look sort of cool:

At first, Johnson seemed to think the movie was called Doomsday 2, or Doomsday 2: Extinction Level. But later, he said that title was a "joke" by the film's writer, Rafael Jordan. The real title is just Doomsday, and it "has nothing to do with the Neil Marshall film.. I wonder will we have to change it because it's the same story too??" It looks like the TV movie already wrapped production.


So now I'm a tad confused. Doomsday has the same story as the Neil Marshall film, but "has nothing to do with" it. That could mean it's a quasi-remake, which fits with the rumor that this TV movie is a backdoor pilot for a new series. Or it could just mean that great minds think alike? In any case, director Nick Lyon wrote and directed a 2006 indie called Punk Love, which is a great title. So maybe this telepic (also starring Marina Sirtis!) will shock us with its greatness. Wait, what am I saying? It's a Sci Fi Channel original movie. [Thanks to commenter IsabelJebbie for the heads up!