Famed illustration team Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo have created this awesome image from Edgar Rice Burroughs' pre-golden age novels about swashbuckling hero John Carter's adventures on Mars.

Bell and Vallejo have worked singly or together on everything from this famous Barbarella poster and Conan comics, to Heavy Metal Magazine covers and ESPN ads. Their iconic fantasy cheesecake style is instantly recognizable, and the best part is that they're unafraid to parody themselves. (They also did this cool Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film poster.)

For inspiration in creating this commissioned work, Bell and Vallejo read Burroughs' The Gods of Mars and The Warlord of Mars. Burroughs wrote 11 novels in his series about the planet that Martians refer to as "Barsoom." Here you can see Carter and his lady Martian friend fighting some of the multi-armed savages that inhabit Barsoom.


Though Pixar's Andrew Stanton just began work on a John Carter movie, based on the first novel A Princess of Mars (1911), I'm afraid this amazing illustration is not concept art for that film.

John Carter Painting via Paint and Brush