Spoiler frenzy! A tell-tale video shows a Transformers hottie in a new light. Plus new Battlestar and Fringe clips. Hints for Lost and Sarah Connor. Plus Smallville, Stargate, Supernatural, True Blood and Knowing. OMG Spoilers!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Remember that rumor about how Isabel Lucas' character turns into a Transformer with a deadly tongue and stuff? Well, a new PhillyFilmGirl set video from the Princeton filming seems to bolster that claim. Shia, Megan and Ramon run away, and then Isabel stalks towards them. There's a crowd of screaming students who run past Isabel — so they're not running from her, but from something else, something which doesn't scare her. [Seibertron]


Here are some supposedly new images from the Alex Proyas-directed thriller about numbers in a time capsule that predict the end of everything. I honestly can't tell if they're new or not, every time I see an image from this movie I'm distracted by Nic Cage's weirdly skeletal face. [BadTaste]

Battlestar Galactica:

How sad will our guys be when they find out Earth is deserted? How sad would you be? Check out this new clip and see for yourself. Unless you're outside the United States, that is, in which case try the link. [Sci Fi Wire]

Meanwhile, we'll definitely learn tons of answers, including the identity of the final Cylon, well before the show's final three-hour episode, say producers Ron Moore and David Eick. [Cinemablend]


In the first couple episodes, it appears as though a female character on the show is not long for this world — and it's someone who just got cast in a major motion picture. (Racking my brains, not sure whom this refers to.) [EW]

Also, that opening scene of the season premiere involves a faceless character waking up and going about his business... and then we realize who it is, and that it's on the island, during the Dharma Initiative's heyday, and it's a huge surprise. And the second hour of the premiere, "The Lie," is less high-octane and more reflective. [Crave Online]

Charles Widmore suggests that he and Sun should pick up where they left off... and then Sun reveals that the two of them have something in common. And a main character on the island gets shot, by someone we haven't seen in a long time. [TV Guide]


John Noble was on a local talk show, and they showed a brief clip from the Jan. 20 episode, "Bound". [Fringe Television]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Did you think Riley died from slitting her wrists? Me neither. In any case, she didn't. But there is still a huge death coming in the second half of the season, says star Thomas Dekker. And it sounds like we're possibly going to get less pouty John and more smart, resourceful John, which is a good thing in my book. Also, John and Sarah are going to be fighting less — it sounds like we have the actors to thank for that. And it sounds like we're going to see some development of John's attraction to Cameron.


More importantly, the show is going back to being more serialized again. That wall of names written in blood was basically a device to allow the show to do more self-contained episodes where the characters chased down one "mission" per episode. But now the network has relented on the demand for self-contained episodes, because those lead to too many Terminator-of-the-week episodes, and too many people zipping back in time. As Dekker puts it, "I was like, 'This time machine's busier than freaking JFK airport.'" And yes, Kyle Reese shows up in the present, thanks to some weird paradox. [Sci Fi Wire]


Clark and Doomsday will definitely have to throw down at some point — but maybe not this season. Clark may have to become Superman before he can take on Doomsday, suggests actor Sam Witwer. [TV Guide]

Life On Mars:

The show is looking for someone to play the wife of Michael Imperioli's character, Ray. [EW]

Stargate Universe:

Just as this new spin-offs first three-parter is called "Air," the sixth episode is called "Earth." And, says producer Joseph Mallozzi, "This one involved a long, long discussion on the workings of a certain technology which forms the impetus to another terrific character-driven story." Also, the show may be a slight change of pace: the first ten episodes include no forested planets. Instead, the emphasis is on the ship, and some locations that aren't typical of Stargate. [Gateworld]


Maybe you haven't seen these "sneak peek" clips from upcoming episodes yet?

True Blood:

Lafayette does die in the books, but that doesn't mean he won't be back in the TV show. Anything's possible. The books also won't provide many clues to the nature of Michelle Forbes' character Maryann. "She's definitely a new kind of supernatural creature in Bon Temps," says producer Alan Ball. But at the same time, she's also ancient. [EW]

Knight Rider:

You also won't be able to tell what's coming next on Knight Rider from the books, either. (Just kidding.) But here's a new interview with the show's producer Gary Scott Thompson, about everything that went wrong. (How long do you have?) And there are glimpses of some upcoming set pieces, including Mike getting tossed from an exploding RV. [MediaWeek]