Poor little kiddies have been gobbled up by artist Alex Pardee's nightmarish monsters, and will be in an adorably gruesome and intricate art show this week. Check out our haunting gallery.

We got a special sneak peek at Chadam artist Alex Pardee's latest show, "Letters From Digested Children." Its creepy brilliance all hinges on the experience, which includes a monstrous installation, a video and pages upon pages of child-eating monsters. The Teddy Bear monster, and the video screen shots below, are an exclusive never-before-seen treat, just for io9 readers.

Here's the artist, pictured in front of a huge wall of missing-children posters and articles, which is part of the overall experience. Check out all that detail.

Here are two screen shots from the video installation that will be included in the show, featuring real children living inside a monster. Looks like a call for help from inside the belly of the beast. The film is directed by Steven Reedy.

According to the artist the three parts of "Letters From Digested Children" start with a police report documenting the story of the missing child and the monster, the actual paintings themselves, and then the actual SOS letter that the child wrote." Brilliant.

The show premieres this Thursday January 8th at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco.