Oldboy's fantastic director, Park Chan Wook, is working on a another somber tale about a vampire virus and a priest, and no, they don't walk into a bar. And in other indie news: ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS.

I have been eagerly waiting on news on the next Park Chan Wook film and Thirst (which follows an internally conflicted vampire priest) could really step up next to the flawless work of the directors previous film, Oldboy, based on what path he could take this seemingly pure character down alone.


Thirst follows Sang-hyun, a saddened priest who is obsessed with the unhappiness in society. In hopes of saving at least one life, he participates in an experiment to find a vaccine for the deadly F.I.V. virus in Africa. Of course, the experiment goes horribly wrong and the priest is infected - but he recovers completely and his church is elated with his new healing abilities. The feeling doesn't last, though, and he relapses and awakens with a thirst for blood and a fear of the sun. If he doesn't drink blood, the F.I.V. symptoms come rushing back, so he steals blood transfusions and lives the life of a vampire. Sang-hyun tries to live a life free from sin but a failed suicide attempt and forbidden attraction to his friends wife lead this new vampire priest down the road plotting murder.

Twitch has a collection of great new stills from Thirst below:

Thirst Footage:

Behind The Scenes:

Cheerleader Camp is a place to make friends and eat the intestines of that bitchy girl from Westside High who stole my boyfriends heart... literally. With her teeth. Ugh, this is such a cute idea, I'm having a hard time deciding which zombie I love more, Nazi zombies or Cheerleader zombies. This low budget film is out on DVD and available for your purchasing pleasure on their official site where you can learn more about our leggy, high kickin' undead squad. The story is pretty self explanatory, cheerleaders turn into zombies at their summer camp, end scene. The trailer and some adorable pictures are below. Thanks to Joblo for filling us in on the release.