Too busy throwing up space wine and tricking the last man on the planet into sleeping with you this holiday? Don't worry: We've rounded up the best posts, including year end reviews, Batman and porn.

Why The Dark Knight Really Is A Science Fiction Film
When we listed The Dark Knight among the best science fiction films of 2008, half of you asked why it wasn't #1. The other half wanted to know why it was science fiction. Here's why.

The 8 Best And Worst SF Comics Of 2008
Whether it was aliens invading or heroes dying, 2008's comics definitely aimed for bombast - but how many of them were actually great? As the year stumbles to an end, we take a look back.

The Greatest (And Wrongest) Spoilers Of 2008
At io9, we don't do gossip — Quinto snorts coke? We don't care, unless it's full of nano-bots! — instead, we do spoilers. Here are the greatest, and most incorrect, spoilers we've posted this year.

Lesbian Vampire Killer Trailer Delivers The Lipsticked-And-Fanged Goods
The creators of Lesbian Vampire Killers are treating the campy flick with the fanged girl-on-girl cheekiness it deserves. The new teaser trailer is overflowing with hot vampires and toothy kisses.

Best Science Fiction Books of 2008
2008 was an amazing year for science fiction novels, with Anathem hitting bestseller lists and critics going crazy over slavery tale Liberation and cyborg fantasy Alchemy of Stone. We've got the year's eleven best books.

Films That Have Found Their Way into the Twilight Zone
Didn’t get your full The Twilight Zone fix from the New Year’s marathon? Here are films that draw their inspiration from episodes of the show, and try to recapture Rod Serling’s sense of the unknown.

2009 Brings New Comics And Bad Supervillains
Here's how in the future we are: We're already craving the new comics of next year. Admittedly, that's because this week's comics are released on Friday, January 2nd 2009, but still. It totally counts. Really.

10 Worst Moments In 2008's Science Fiction TV
Ever seen a man give birth to a giant fart in the name of science, a deaf severed head seeking revenge, or an episode of Heroes? They're among this year's worst TV moments.

Does Marvel Comics Hate Hippies?
They may be the home of outcast heroes and freaky mutants, but does Marvel Comics actually hate hippies? That's the charge currently being laid against the publisher, and it's real enough to get a response.

To Boldly Go There: A History Of Star Trek Porn, With Clips [NSFW]
The Star Trek trailer caused a stir when it showed Uhura taking her top off. But a legion of Trek pornographers have explored much further, as our roundup of clips and pics prove. NSFW, natch.