This hand-crafted Star Wars clock features a different starship or fighter for every hour of the day, allowing you finally to know when it's time to celebrate the Hour of the Tie Fighter.

The Star Wars clock got posted on a couple sites last night, and by this morning, the entire internet seemed to have risen up with a single voice, in a chorus of "WANT." Too bad Etsy seller YouGneek is on vacation — her status page says "item will ship on Jan. 10, when I come back." Nooooo!

Here's one possible configuration, according to PopTherapy:

12 o’clock Star Destroyer
1 o’clock TIE Interceptor
2 o’clock Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter
3 o’clock Jabba’s Barge
4 o’clock Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car
5 o’clock Y-Wing Fighter
6 o’clock Super Star Destroyer
7 o’clock Rebel Blockade Runner
8 o’clock TIE Bomber
9 o’clock X-Wing Fighter
10 o’clock Rebel Snowspeeder
11 o’clock A-Wing Starfigher


Apparently it sells for $89, which isn't too bad. You can add it to the R2D2 clock and the Darth Vader clock.


[Etsy via PopTherapy]