The new Terminator has John Connor all suited up, complete with robo-killing gun and ear piece. Entertainment Weekly has a slew of new photos from Terminator, Wolverine, Land Of The Lost, Watchmen and Harry Potter.

John Connor definitely has the look. It should be interesting to see how director McG explains how the revolutionary leader came up through the ranks in Terminator Salvation. I wonder how our future-wasteland dwellers manage to stock up on weaponry and military tools. Also, fingers crossed for some excellent use of fire power.

Popeater also has a close look at the big hulking T-600. (Bigger pic at the link.)

Wolverine does not want to take a bath. According to Entertainment Weekly, it wasn't always Wolverine that was going to get the first origins story. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner explains that "It wasn't always part of the plan, but Hugh brought that character to vivid life." Oh right, like they were going to make the Cyclops movie, after the way they treated him in the X-Men movies.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley cuddle up for a special moment, in this summers' Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

Will Ferrell tells Entertainment Weekly that the the dinosaurs in Land Of The Lost are "scary as sh—.''

And finally there is a shot of The Watchmen's Comedian, a little grayer around the edges and with the second spin on his costumed adventurer look.

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