No sooner has her most recent series been cancelled than Marvel Comics is planning to give that whole "She-Hulk" idea one more try - but this time, it's not Bruce Banner's cousin... it's his daughter.

This image was released from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, without any comment other than "Ring in the New Year by welcoming an all-new Savage She-Hulk to Marvel!":

The new She-Hulk in question appears to be the offspring of the Hulk and Fantastic Four character Thundra, the result of genetic experimentation to find a new protector of the 23rd Century Earth - which, by the way, has become a female-dominated planet called Femizonia (I only wish I was making this up). If true, it demonstrates another step in Marvel's recent domestication of their green monster franchise; it was only last year that we were introduced to Skaar, Son Of Hulk, after all. Suddenly, calling their anthology title Hulk Family seems entirely appropriate.

Happy New Year from the All-New Savage She-Hulk [Marvel]