Heroes webisode wonders continue right where the last Recruit left off. Mills is still getting mind molested by Angela Petrelli, but our buxom heroine is planning her escape.

Chapter 2: We Do What We Have To Do

So the first question is, what will Mills have to do? Oh, it's kill that one guy with the military haircut that isn't a dick, which Angela gives away in the first second. So who cares what she has to do? And so much for the surprise, Angela.

Angela stares at Mills, fascinated by her secret serum, her beauty, perhaps she wants to skin her and wear her about her body to as a substitute for her lost youth. But enough about Angie, Mills tells us what happened right after we left off, at the chem lab with the military people, when she learned how to disappear. Aaaaand flashback.

Back into the lab, Mills makes a stabby at military haircut's arm with the secret serum. Mills struggles to the floor and falls in a sexy pose.

Military Haircut moves fast around the room screaming, "While I was passed out, a bad make up FX class came in and experimented on me."

And more explosions or Earthquakes — KABOOM! Mills stands up and says, " Zow my god, my breasticles, where are they? Oh thank you jeebus, they're still attached." Then the other one waves a gun at her and green-face, but is pushed down forever more, not to be heard from again.

Oh no green face, the guy formerly known as "military haircut," took off after Mills. Activate nork intuition — they tell Mills to hug-stab green-face, and now he's dead, and my life is changed forever. Oh no, wait — Angela told us this was going to happen. Mills holds dear sweet green-face till he dramatically presses against her and falls to the ground. "I was but a pawn in this gray world until I met you," she coos in his ear. "We will meet again riding unicorns naked over a golden valley, now close your eyes my love close them tight, look upon this barren and ugly world no more."

Angela is not impressed with her Mills' story nor her sadness for hug stabbing green face. "LIAR." she screeches from across the room. Angela, the siren, knows everything, and stands on the table wailing a terrible wail and pointing her wrath and vengeance upon poor Mills. "You kept the special sauce, you fiend."

Alas, she lied and the old lady knows it.