A mock-up of Philip Seymour Hoffman as a Dark Knight-esque Penguin has fueled speculation and awk-awk noises. (Full picture below.) Meanwhile, Zack Snyder explains, once and for all, why his Bat-movie dreams won't come true.

Even though there have been many denials about Philip Seymour Hoffman's involvement on the project, not to mention it's too soon to even get the casting ball rolling. that won't stop people from photo shopping his noggin into a penguin-esque figure. Or is it actually a real studio image?

Cinema Blend claims a source contacted them saying this picture was in fact an authentic studio make up test (just to see if the look fits). They — and we — highly doubt its authenticity, but still he fits the look that has been done before.

But let's talk about this "look." Is it too penguiny? It certainly looks a hell of a lot like Tim Burton and Danny Devito's Penguin creation. But how can you revamp such a comic book looking character? I'm all aboard the PSH penguin train, much more so than the Cher for Catwoman or Eddie Murphy Riddler nonsense that's been going around.


But if we could get Rachel Weisz as Catwoman and Hoffman as Penguin going, this could be a killer movie.

In other interesting Bat-news Zach Snyder (director of Watchmen hopefully releasing in March) is also down with the masked bat. In an interview with IF Magazine, Snyder opened up about his dream to remake Frank Miller's 80s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. And you know what, I wouldn't mind seeing a few Robin's die to make this flick.


Snyder revealed that while The Dark Knight Returns is his favorite comic book, he's aware that he has to wait in the long franchise line before he can get a crack at a middle-aged Batman

"The studio has this massive franchise, and I don't think they'll let me make a Batman movie where he's 50 years old and Ronald Reagan is president.