Sundance has released a batch of stunning pictures of a shiny-and-beautiful soul extracting device, plus other beautiful shots from Sundance films Cold Souls and The Clone Returns Home. Galleries for both movies are below.

If character actor-extraordinaire Paul Giamatti playing himself in Cold Souls didn't convince you to check out this film, these pictures certainly will. This incredibly interesting indie film features Giamatti struggling with a crisis and seeking solace in a New York soul extraction facility, where he's encouraged to lay down the burden of his soul. These pictures are stunning and I can not wait to hear more about the obvious buzz this flick will generate over at Sundance.

Meanwhile, a haunting still showing a clone standing over the body of its original astronaut body is from The Clone Returns Home, a new Japanese movie whose trailer we posted a while back. The story starts with the death of an astronaut, which leads to the activation of his clone. But faulty memory programming startles the clone and his memories immediately revert back to childhood, when the original's brother died. The clone panics and escapes on a journey back to his childhood home (or at least the original astronaut's home).

For more information about the festival explore the Sundance site.