Okay, so Bollywood's Love Story 2050 wasn't the masterpiece we were hoping for. At least it gave us a few sublimely silly moments, like this futuristic video game fight. That's something.

Other great moments include all the amazing product placement throughout the film, and the wonderful salute to consumerism when our heroes arrive in the future Mumbai and discover that ads are now holographic and can lunge down your throat. (It's awesome!) And there's a snake charmer — with a robot snake! Plus the bit where they find a derelict sex bot and repair her, so she becomes their true companion.

And the bit, earlier on, where our hero tries to use the time machine to get some nookie from his girlfriend — who doesn't put out, so he coaxes her into running out into traffic to get him an ice cream. "Hurry up! I'm waiting for my cold kiss!" he yells just before a truck smushes her. Ah, love. [IMDB]