At io9, we don't do gossip — Quinto snorts coke? We don't care, unless it's full of nano-bots! — instead, we do spoilers. Here are the greatest, and most incorrect, spoilers we've posted this year.

We honestly didn't expect the "morning spoilers" feature to be as popular as it's been. We came up with it as a way to do a daily news roundup with a more interesting spin than just "Daily News Roundup." And it was also a way to avoid having too many headlines about "what's next on Heroes" on the front page of the blog. But we're stoked that people have seemed to enjoy the thrill of forbidden knowledge.

The Biggest Spoilers Of 2008:

Batman Takes The Blame For Harvey Dent's Crimes. We reported a pretty accurate synopsis of The Dark Knight last January, but even we thought it was fake. We also had pics of Nurse Joker visiting Harvey Dent in the hospital, before the movie came out. And we had a report that a scene featuring the Joker in a bodybag might be cut from the movie.

Samuel L. Jackson's Iron Man Cameo. Thanks to the miracle of cameraphones and YouTube, we had it up a day or two after the movie opened.

Transformers Spy Camera Photos. Still don't believe there's an ice-cream truck Transformer in the new movie? Here's the proof.

The Wolverine Comic-Con Trailer. Our first precious glimpses of the Blog, Emma Frost, Deadpool and a host of other characters, in a trailer that still isn't officially out, I think. We posted a cameraphone copy.

Watch The Cloverfield Monster Do The Funky Chicken. Our hours of googling paid off - we found a weird animated gif of the Cloverfield monster the day after the movie opened, when people still really wanted to see Clovey in action. Here it is again:

Battlestar Season 4 Clips. A ton of vids of the first half of season four surfaced before it started airing, and we posted them here.

Star Trek Set Pics. Still possibly our best look at the movie's new version of a shuttlecraft.

Watchmen's Rorschach Without His Mask. A video we came across, which may still be the best chance to see our favorite psychotic detective with his mask off.

Doctor Who Spoiler Rundown. Details of all of season four - and they were accurate, amazingly enough.

The Wrongest Spoilers Of 2008:

The Doctor Meets Scrooge (And He's An Alien). That was one of the reports in our massive roundup of spoilers and rumors for the recent Doctor Who Christmas special. There was also the persistent report that the Christmas special was a remake of the audio adventure "The One Doctor," about a con-man pretending to be the Doctor. Also, there was this wonderful synopsis of the end of season four:

Former Prime Minister Harriet Jones is consumed with hatred for the Doctor, especially after she finds out her successor as prime minster was a member of the Doctor's own species. She managed to get aboard the Valiant and witnessed the entire year of Harold Saxon's reign of terror which "never happened." It was Harriet who stole the Master's ring from his funeral pyre, and uses it to help an army of Daleks, led by Davros, to escape from beyond reality.

Other rumors included the idea that all the previous Doctors would turn up (they did, but not in person) and David Tennant will definitely play the Doctor all through 2010. Oh, and when David Tennant started to regenerate in the penultimate episode of last season, he was turning into John "The Master" Simm. And River Song is really Romana!

It's All Right, Megatron's Coming Back. Actually, Michael Bay just said, once and for all, that Megatron is dead, and he doesn't turn up in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. That didn't stop people from circulating alleged concept art of the new movie version of Megatron a while back. Plus this picture of him in his tank mode:

We've also posted some rumors and concept art for Soundwave, the cassette-player Decepticon (He's a truck! He's a satellite!) but we still don't know the actual truth about him. And we reposted a rumor that the Fallen isn't one robot, he's a swarm of robots.

The Mother Of All Deaths On Heroes. Honestly, it's hard to tell the real spoilers for this show sometimes, because the actual storylines are so ridiculous. Just the other day, we linked to a Spanish spoiler report, which included a ton of plot twists including "the mother of all deaths," in the "Fugitives" story arc. Turned out it was actually the mother of all hoaxes. Other wrong Heroes spoilers: Maya dies during the "Villains" arc, Hiro goes to the "dark side," and Nikki dresses like a hooker and gets arrested. (We even had pictures of that last one.) Also, Taeko, the Japanese woman Hiro fell for in the past, was supposedly going to turn up in the present. We also reported on several people saying season three would be totally awesome, which I'd say was a false rumor.

Don't Worry, The Squid's In There! I can't find where we reported that right now, but we definitely said a few times that the famous giant squid is still in the ending of Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie. And then Snyder admitted it wasn't. Who knows? Maybe by the time the Fox lawsuit gets dealt with, Snyder will have had time to put the squid in there after all.


It's Not Earth. Or It Is, But There's Another Earth. We reposted rumors and reports from various people saying that wasn't Earth that the Galactica crew found in the most recent Battlestar episode.

Also, we're highly doubtful about a SyFy Portal report we linked to, which cited an inside source saying that the planet Galactica found in the mid-season finale is called "Earth-1," which was destroyed in a catastrophe — at which point the survivors of Earth-1 fled to another planet called Earth — which is "our" Earth. (It seems clearer and clearer, from the statements everyone's made, that there's only one Earth, and it's the one they reached. On the other hand, there are those pics from the show's "wrap reel" that show Six in New York, wearing her red dress. I'd assumed those were just promo pics, but you never know.

Someone's Read An Outline Of The Dark Knight Sequel! This just has to be fake: The sequel features Talia Al-Ghul as the main villain, taking revenge for her father's death at Batman's hands. It also features the Riddler and the Penguin, and sets up a fourth movie, where the Joker and Riddler escape from Arkham.

A separate report said Two-Face definitely survives, and is the main character of the third movie, which also features Robin. Also, in The Dark Knight, Batman has radar-mapping abilities that turn his eyes white. And Anthony Michael Hall plays a rich playboy who's jealous of Bruce Wayne.

Wolverine Features A Young Scott Summers, aka Cyclops! We're 99 percent sure this isn't true.

Mulder Turns Into A Werewolf In X-Files 2. We still wish that one was true.