Click to viewEven the most powerful superheroes and supervillains need some help sometimes. These butlers, chauffeurs, and valets may make the coffee and drive the cars, but they can also hold their own in a fight.

Alfred Pennyworth (Batman): Alfred is more than Bruce Wayne's butler; he is Wayne's foster-father, confidant, and partner in crimefighting. Alfred has, in various times and continuities, been a substitute Batman, a member of the British Armed Forces, an MI6 agent, and a telekinetic member of Batman's rogue's gallery.

Mr. Syrius Thrice (Hotspur): Red Star Robinson's mysterious (and potentially extraterrestrial) robot butler, Syrius Thrice was often the more competent of the duo. He used his superstrength, hyper-intelligence, laser vision, and super sensitivity to solve crimes and frequently rescue his master.

Manute (Sin City "A Dame to Kill For"): Ava Lord's valet is as proper as he is violent, a looming presence around the black widow. He views Lord as a goddess, able to devour men with her sex appeal, and will do anything in her service. He later serves Wallenquist in his endeavors to take over Old Town in "The Big Fat Kill."

Edwin Jarvis (The Avengers): Howard and Maria Stark hired former British Royal Air Force member and boxing champion Edwin Jarvis to manage their household. And when the Starks' son Tony turned his family mansion into the Avengers' headquarters, Jarvis goes with the house, becoming the team's sole permanent member. Many of Jarvis' duties involve taking care of the house and looking after some of the younger superhumans, but he sometimes takes part in the daily melee, often at great personal cost.

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker (Thunderbirds): Aloysius Parker earned the nickname "Nosey" while leading a life of crime as a cat burgler and safecracker. After doing a stint in prison, he was hired by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward to aid in her work as an operative for International Rescue.

Oddjob (Goldfinger): Auric Goldfinger's man Friday fulfills many roles: manservant, chauffeur, golf caddy. But he is best known for his weaponized hat, which contains a razor blade and can be thrown at pesky British spies.

Ianto Jones (Torchwood): Ianto is Torchwood's general support officer, managing the team and ensuring that their activities remain secret, but likes to claim that he fills the role of Torchwood's butler. But he can wrangle a pterodactyl or fight off a Dalek with the best of them.

Thadeus (College Roomies from Hell): Hazel Green is wealthy, beautiful, and exceedingly manipulative, all things that endear her to her pathetically loyal butler, Thadeus. Thadeus performs his mistress's every evil whim in hopes of winning an approving smile, but tragically, she's engaged to supervillain Vernon Damascus.

Mercy Graves (Superman: The Animated Series): Not to be outdone by Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor has his own battle-ready valet. Mercy Graves was a street tough who impressed Luthor after stealing his briefcase and attempting to fight off his guards. She serves as his chauffeur and bodyguard, but eventually graduates to girlfriend and temporary LexCorp CEO.

Ardsley Wooster (Girl Genius): Ardsley Wooster acts as manservant to young mad scientist and heir to an empire Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. But Wooster is actually an undercover British secret agent sent to spy on his employer.

Owen Burnett (Gargoyles): David Xanatos' loyal and unflappable valet is actually the trickster Puck, who agreed to bind himself to Xanatos for a lifetime of service. Owen handles Xanatos' magical and non-magical affairs, manipulating, kidnapping, and testing magical artifacts as needed.

Norman Burg (The Big O): The one-eyed amnesiac servant to Roger Smith, Norman Burg's household duties involve cooking, cleaning, and repairing Paradigm City's giant mecha, the Big O. But, when the occasion demands, Burg can wield a machine gun like none other.

Riff Raff (The Rocky Horror Picture Show): Together with his sister/lover Magenta, Riff Raff serves his fellow extraterrestrial Dr. Frank-N-Furter at the Castle Frankenstein. But he eventually becomes fed up with Frank's constant abuse and starts killing folks off with a laser beam.

The Butler (The Prisoner): The silent butler is always in the background, serving each Number Two in the series. But he seems to possess the keys to the island's mysterious secrets, and ultimately aids Number Six in his quest to learn the identity of Number One.

Walter Dornez (Hellsing): Integra Hellsing's butler formerly served as the Hellsing Organization's "trashman," battling technologically created vampires and other supernatural foes. And, when Hellsing headquarters or Integra are threatened, he pulls out his razor sharp wires and starts going after body parts.

William Randolph Wintergreen (Teen Titans): Wintergreen serves as butler and mentor to the mercenary Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson. And, like any good superhuman's valet, he comes from a military background. A former member of MI-5 and the British Army, Wintergreen saved Slade's life, and Slade later rescued Wintergreen from a POW camp. Wintergreen became intensely loyal to Deathstroke, though that loyalty would cost him later on.

Kato (The Green Hornet): Britt Reid's chauffeur and valet also doubles as his hyper-competent, martial artist sidekick. He even wears the chauffeur's uniform and hat while he fights crime.

Mr. Homn (Star Trek: The Next Generation): Lwaxana Troi's manservant is the strong and silent type, a foil to the boisterous and flamboyant ambassador. Homn seems to function primarily as Troi's porter, but his super strength is likely good for more than carrying bags.

Mr. Groin (The Amazing Screw-On Head): Mr. Groin is the ninth butler to serve Screw-On Head, and performs his duties with all appropriate wryness and decorum. He traps vampires, functions as Screw-On Head's body, and helps battle the forces of Emperor Zombie.