Looks like the couple everyone loves to root for, Penny and Desmond, are in for a bumpy ride on their love boat. This new Lost promo gives rise to speculation. Spoilers ahead!

Hello what's this are Desmond and Penny having a baby? We reported about the potential of this happening, and potentially deterring a crazed Ben from trying to stamp out Penny's life (because remember, he said the rules were over or some junk). Either way it looks like our spoiler prediction was true, Penny had a baby and they're still living on the boat. Presumably in hiding. But what does it mean?

Well if you follow the "rule of Lost" Penny is marked for death. She's pregnant, happy and made Desmond less interesting because now his one goal in life has been achieved. Say goodbye, Penny, because if people start to like you — or if your character reaches some important climax and your name isn't Jack, Kate or Sawyer, you're dead.


Let's talk about the other images. For one it looks like we have one very dead Charlotte on our hands. And the person with the business in the front, party in the back do could be Daniel Faraday. I assume this, because it's been a long time on that island. It's likely that Faraday has developed a full-blown mullet, plus he loves our redheaded secret-Korean-speaking scientist.

You've got one pissed of Sun with a gun. I assume she's pointing it at Jack, because he mentioned that she blamed him for the way things went down when they got off the island. Plus Kate's eyes were all watery. But now the man standing behind Kate looks like a Jack in a suit (that was shown earlier) so it could be Ben (fingers crossed), as I can't imagine her mad at anyone else. And we know she loves Hurley.

Besides that I'm interested in the appearance of the plane flying above the island and Sawyer and Juliet possibly starting a romance. You know it would piss off Kate and Jack to NO end (and was I crazy, or were they holding hands in that promo when the plane buzzed by?)

The season premiere of Lost is on January 21, 2009.

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