What better way to cap off this year than with a new look at campy aliens, French mutants and a kitty space explorer? This can only be Cult Movie Worship.

Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), Dan Lauria (the Dad from The Wonder Years), and the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) all star in this could-be-clever alien movie. Alien Trespass is a homage to the 50s scifi B-movies and is set in 1957. The cast gets a surprise visit from a meteor, which crashes into a California mountain. An alien, named the Ghota, launches a flying saucer out of the rubble, followed quickly by an intergalactic bounty hunter called Urp (McCormack). He must save the world from the Urp with help from the cast - and one diner waitress. You can catch this campy thriller at the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival on January 10 and 11.


Also playing at the festival is Egon and his space kitty Dönci. Egon & Dönci follows the two into space, but will the kitty enjoy weightless space floating? There's only one way to find out for sure: strap your cat to a rocket.

And finally, Frenchy mutants that take forever to turn to rotting undead have a new trailer in Mutants, and it looks fantastic. Leave it to the French to make a horror movie I want to see. This feature debut comes from David Morley, and I cannot wait to hear more French screams.