This year io9 got to quiz some of the galaxy's most interesting people. Meet the Cloverfield Monster's mama, talk to Jewel Staite about bondage and get chatty with theDr. Who genius Steven Moffat.

MythBusters' Grant Imahara Talks to io9 About Engineering, Star Wars, and the Controversial RFID Episode
Did you know the Mythbusters had to pull a controversial episode about RFID devices? Smarty pants Grant Imahara from the series sits us down and talks science and myth and how his geeky mind launched his career.

First Look at Fan Auteur Sandy Collora's "Hunter Prey"
Sandy Collora the fan's director, literally, sat down and explained to us all about the new dazzling alien world in his latest labor of love, Hunter Prey. It's full of gorgeous set pics and explains how to make a scifi epic on a shoestring budget.

Neal Stephenson Explains What's Wrong with Mobile Phones
From the brilliant mind that brought us Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson explains to us why cell phones are evil in his new book Anathem.

Exclusive Interview With Doctor Who's Steven Moffat
The scariest of the Dr. Who scribes sat down to explain everything you ever wanted to know about Dr. Who like what about the rumors that Dr. Who was influenced by Buffy, details on River Song, and how terribly naughty children's literature is England.

Death Race Director Comes Clean About How Many Cameras Were Smashed During Filming
Video Game movie guru, Director Paul W.S. Anderson, blows me away with his astounding knowledge about car movies and how many cameras he blew to hell on the set of Death Race.

io9 Talks To Cloverfield Monster Designer Neville Page
Cloverfield designer Neville Page opens about his baby "Clover," and teaches us that there is more then one way for Clover to stuff his face full of fleshy human meatsacks.

Starbuck's True Love Is Not Who You'd Expect
Scifi siren, Katee Sackhoff, fills our head with BSG spoilers and teases our eyes with delightful "come hither" glamour shots. More Starbuck please.

Why Is Jewel Staite Always In Bondage? We Asked Her
Science Fiction's incredibly hot girl next door talks to us on video about getting all tied up in the most uncomfortable of places.

William Gibson Talks to io9 About Canada, Draft Dodging, and Godzilla
We sat down for a long chat with Spook Country's William Gibson and grilled his brains about Godzilla.

Jane Espenson Talks About Writing for Firefly and Battlestar — and Gives a Little Secret Cylon Backstory
Brilliant writress Jane Espenson from both scifi loves Firefly and Battlestar Galactica gave us the full disclosure on working on two of the most cultly loved series and the scoop on the Cylon Bible.

Alan Ball Takes Us Behind the Pointy Fangs Of "True Blood"
Lover of Vampires and other stories involving dead things, Alan Ball filled us in on the ins and outs to his new undead darling HBO series True Blood.