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What if you've had the greatest idea in the world... and then someone steals it from you? And what if that happens again and again and again? You've probably just stepped into The Great Unknown.


Unknown, a new comic series premiering in February from Image Comics, is the work of writer and artist Duncan Rouleau, who calls the story,

an autobiography with a “few” embellishments. The story comes from my strongly held belief that I came up with the sardonic method of ending sentences with the word “NOT!” waaay before others started saying it. I’ve had similar situations arise over the years (like my invention of jazz and the Hot Pocket) yet I still remain unsung for those diamonds as well. This got me thinking – what if a guy (like me) did come up with grand notions and someone was able to steal them before he could establish his claim? He wouldn’t be any the wiser and what he would chalk up to unfortunate timing in the zeitgeist would, in fact, be the wholesale robbery of his destiny.

Talking about the book at Comic Book Resources, Rouleau has the perfect answer to explain what made him create the series now:

I wanted to do it before someone else did.

The Great Unknown launches in February next year.">Men On Action: Duncan Rouleau Dives Into "Great Unknown" [Comic Book Resources]